Spy Bahu episode 9 written updates 24 March 2022 – Sejal enters Nanda house to spy on Yohan

Sejal started her training at Indian Intelligence Agency and she was making a lot of fumbles. Yohan was practicing with Nunchaku and he connected a call with someone from Kashmir. Suryakant and Tanhaji tries to track the call but Yohan destroyed the tracking device. Yohan started making a sketch.


Tanhaji says that you failed the physical test and now its time for the mental test. He asked her what’s written on the fire extinguisher and she says there were 6 languages, Tanhaji responds English. Sejal says each and every word written on the fire extinguisher. Tanhaji says her memory is like a elephant. Many people at the agency puts the money in the tick mark jar.

Yohan sends a sketch of Sejal to someone and tells him that he wants all her information. Sejal misses her family while eating food at agency. Minal puts Sejal’s thali on table and Saras puts a photo of Sejal near her thali. Bamba did Garba in Sejal’s style to make everyone laugh. Saras tells Minal to cheer up.

Arun and others gets ready for Holika dehan. Suryakant tells about Nanda family to Sejal including Shera, Arun, Veera, Shalini, Drishti, and Krish. Sejal made code words for each family member. Sejal gets shocked seeing Yohan on CCTV and says I saw him in Srinagar. Yoha burns a sketch of Sejal.

Suryakant tells Sejal that you have to spy on Yohan because he is the prime suspect. Tanhaji tells Suryakant that you have to send Sejal back as she has already met Yohan. Sejal requested Suryakant to send her. Suryakant tells Sejal to keep always this passion and you are ready for this mission. Suryakant once again puts the locket around Sejal’s neck and says that I put it on you because you won my trust. He tells her that tomorrow is Holi and from tomorrow your mission will start.

At Nanda house everyone was celebrating Holi. Drishti on Veera’s request tries to apply colour on Arun’s face but he did not allowed her. Sejal arrives at Nanda house and Shera tells her that you did good by calling me. Sejal remembers Suryakant’s words that she can’t come in front of Yohan or any member of Nanda family.

Reporters requested Shalini for a photograph and she gets herself clicked with Shay. Yohan received information on phone that the girl was from Gujarat. He asked her name but then sees Drishti sad and went to her. Drishti tells Yohan that she misses her mom as she doesn’t get a family feeling anymore after her death. Yohan applies colour on Drishti and wished her Happy Holi. By mistake Yohan throws a plate filled with colour on Sejal.

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