Shark Tank India Season 2 EP 26 Written Updates (6 February 2023) – Biggest Investments, All Pitches & Deals Made

Shark Tank India Season 2 Episode 26 on Sony TV has already been aired on 6 February 2023 and we saw a trendy apparel brand making a pitch in front of the investors at the start of the show. Aman Gupta offered a massive deal to an online job opportunity related platform. At the end, we saw two founders of a Blue tea company making an offer and most of the sharks backed out after seeing the loopholes in their business.

Shark Tank 2 Episode 26 All Pitches and Investments Made – Full Details :

First Pitch :

  • Founder Name – Kishore Jairamka and Ashutosh Roy
  • Company Name – Gavin Paris
  • Specialised in making – Trendy clothes from new generation which are oversized and comfortable for all people.
  • Asked for – Rs 50 lakhs for 5% Equity
  • Final Deal – No Deal
  • Deal Made With – No Deal

Second Pitch :

  • Founder Name – Ankit Aggarwal
  • Company Name – UnStop
  • Specialised in making – Online Platform for talented youth to help them in getting the rightful jobs based on their talents and skills.
  • Asked for – Rs 1 crore for 1% Equity
  • Final Deal – Rs 2 crores for 4% Equity
  • Deal Made With – Amit Jain, Anupam Mittal, Namita Thapar, and Aman Gupta

Third Pitch :

  • Founder Name – Sunil Chandra Saha and Nitesh Singh
  • Company Name – Blue Tea
  • Specialised in making – Ayurvedic Herbal bluue tea brand which is 100% caffeine free and been made from flower extracts.
  • Asked for – Rs 75 lakhs for 1% Equity
  • Final Deal – Rs 50 lakhs at 3% and 25 lakhs debt at 12% interest
  • Deal Made With – Aman Gupta

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