Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 7 October 2020 Episode – Mahira shows fake letter to Karan

Pawan comes in the room where Janki and Prithvi was kept. Pawan tells Prithvi you are looking very smart bhai. Sanjay Gagnani was finally shown as Prithvi in the room. Pawan sees Janki’s hands not being tied and he tied her hands after which he went out of the room. Janki regains consciousness and she gets shocked seeing Prithvi sitting unconscious in front of her. Janki smells Prithvi and says that he is drunk. Janki starts cursing Prithvi and prays for Preeta.

Karan was looking for Preeta and he was trying to even call her on phone. Mahira came to Karan and she says that Preeta ran away because Preeta wanted to insult his family but Karan did not believed her. Mahira then shows a fake letter to Karan and says that she ran away to marry Prithvi. Karan tells Mahira that neither he wanted to marry Preeta nor Mahira. Mahira starts crying and Karan leaves her. Sherlyn came to Mahira and says when Preeta comes back we will tell Luthra’s that she has married Prithvi after which doors of this house will be closed for her.

Preeta tells Pawan that Prithvi never wanted to marry her after her marriage with Karan. Pawan tells her not to play mind games with him. Pandit Ji says that he doesn’t know how to get anyone married after which Pawan threatens him and Pandit agrees to do it.

Mahira drinks a whole bottle of alcohol and says that she is going to insult whole Luthra family downstairs. Karan comes to Rishabh and he hugs him as he was very emotional. Mahira came downstairs under the veil and she starts drinking alcohol. Whole Luthra family and Sarla got shocked thinking it is Preeta drinking alcohol.

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