Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 7 April 2021 Written – Mahi and Jeet joins hands to kill Soumya

Police enters Angel’s house to arrest her. Senior Inspector tells Angel, Soumya filed complaint against her because she tried to kill her. Angel calls her lawyer saying nowadays Soumya’s family accuse her a lot so she called a lawyer in advance. Lawyer says he will cooperate. Daljeet was hiding and hearing their conversation. Angel calls Daddu saying if he can’t do her work then she wants the money back. Daddu says Jeet will complete his mission for sure.

Parmeet tells Heer about party tonight. She tells Heer to make preparations. Parmeet also says Heer to not create any drama with Virat at the party and they won’t reveal about their relationship in front of the guests. There will be guests who will come with marriage proposals for Virat. Heer assures Parmeet gets disheartened and comes face to face with Virat. Virat ignores her and leaves.

Jeet talks to Daddu on phone telling him Soumya has welcomed her death in her house as guest. Its only Soumya’s luck which is saving her but it won’t save her for long. Mahi overhears it and Jeet gets shocked seeing her. Mahi says she won’t reveal his truth to anybody. Jeet asks how will he trust her that she is not lying. Mahi says Soumya has taken away everything from her. After Soumya’s exit only Mahi will get her respect back.

Mahi walks out of the room and had an eye contact with Soumya. Soumya asks what is Mahi doing in Jeet’s room? Mahi makes excuse. She also taunts Soumya saying “its my house, I can take care of people here.” Soumya says for how long Mahi will hold grudges. At the end of the day they will have to stay together. Mahi says Soumya can’t understand her pain. If she could she wouldn’t have come back. Because of her Mahi has lost all the relations. Jeet listens to them.

Preeto Harak praise Soumya like how she brought the happiness back in the house. Preeto tells everyone to make preparations for Simran’s Godhbharai. Mahi looks at Jeet. Angel calls Jeet and asks can he do his work or not? Jeet gets angry and says he doesn’t explain his strategies. Jeet says he is the one and only hope Angel has. She can’t deny it. Angel asks how much time does Jeet need? Else Jeet’s image will be ruined. Jeet tells he will take advantage of the occasion of Simran’s Godhbharai.

At Sant Baksh’s house, Party starts and Virat dances with other girls to make Heer feel jealous. Heer serves drinks and later Virat calls Heer. Heer looks at him. Parmeet gets irked and Sant stops her from reacting. Heer goes to Virat. Virat says he wanted to drink water that’s why he called her. Parmeet’s guests praise Heer’s beauty. They question Heer’s character saying beautiful servants can look for their benefits in rich people’s houses. Heer says to Virat she didn’t mind at all. People consider house managers as servant. Virat calls her weak. Heer says its your misunderstanding. Heer intentionally spills drink on a guest’s Saree. Heer apologises to her.

Seeing Soumya, Preeto shows her happiness to Mallika. Preeto says Soumya came like a breath of fresh air. Preeto thanks Mallika for calling Soumya here. Preeto hopes that Heer should be back home as well.

Harak and other men try to enter during the function. Preeto tells men are not allowed here. Its ladies’ function. Preeto and Harak tease each other. Preeto calls Harak old. Akshay teases Harak as well. Everyone laughs.

Girls in party praise Virat’s dancing skills. They tell him to teach them as well. Girls wish to spend time with Virat outside. Virat tells Heer to serve drinks and snacks.

Preeto asks Jeet is he fine. Jeet says he is going outside. Mahi thinks if Jeet leaves how will he be able to kill Soumya. Jeet thinks today he will surely kill Soumya.

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