Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 20 May 2021 Written – Harman and Virat joins hands

Daljeet calls Angel stupid. He says do your job properly. Angel gets angry and tells him don’t call me stupid again. Daljeet tells Simran to go with him. Simran says she won’t go anywhere and she will stay here with her family.

Angel says Simran is my double safety. Leave her here. Virat tells Angel his family can ask for Simran. What will she do then. Angel says make any excuse, you are good at it right. Daljeet tells Angel he will call her in one hour gap, if he doesn’t means he is in danger, then Angel can kill these people one by one. Angel says don’t worry. This Virat can’t do anything. As her wife and sister both I have kidnapped. Angel tells her men to lock all of them in one room.

Angel’s goons wonder where is Harman. Harman attacks them and they fall unconscious. Harman tries to call someone but in vain. Parmeet thinks why Virat and Simran didn’t reach home yet. She tells Nayan to call Virat.

Harman runs on street. He tries to stop cars for lift. But they don’t listen to him. Daljeet and Virat’s car also arrive at the same time. Harman comes in front of the car. Daljeet asks Harman have you gone mad? You want to die?

Harman tells Daljeet to give him phone. Daljeet denies and misbehaves with him. Harman grabs his collar and says when it comes to love I cross all limits. Virat recalls Heer. He gives his phone to Harman. Daljeet tells Virat its not time for social work, take back your phone from that person.

Virat says it won’t take much time. He is in need. Harman checks Virat’s phone and gets shocked seeing Harak and Preeto’s numbers in his phone. He recalls Soumya’s words that his daughter is Heer. He understands that’s Heer’s husband Virat. Daljeet threatens Virat saying I’ll order them to kill Heer. Don’t outsmart me.

Harman turns back and returns the phone to Virat. Later he attacks Daljeet and beats him saying you kidnapped my family right? Virat gets shocked. Harman tells I am Harman, Harak Singh’s son. Virat says to him we have to be very careful, if Daljeet doesn’t call Angel in one hour gap our family is in grave danger.

Harman beats Daljeet and he faints. Harman tells Virat to open the dickey where he can put Daljeet. Virat says the tyres got punctured. He brings them out and Harman puts Daljeet in the dickey and closes it.

Virat thinks Daljeet forced him to take such step. Harman changes the tyre. Virat recalls Heer and praises Harman saying you are just the same what I heard of you. Harman smiles and says so you know I am enough for all those goons. Virat tells Heer used to say you always come to Soumya’s rescue , today you are here to save your daughter. Harman says not just me, Virat Singh is also here. They shake hands. They get into car. Harman tells Virat to call the police.

Preeto gets negative thoughts. She says what were their faults because of which they are suffering. Preeto says I thought I’ll get to see my son and granddaughter but I think my wish will never get fulfilled. We’ll die before that. Harak consoles Preeto and gives her strength saying truth wins all the time. Matarani will save them.

Virat and Harman arrive at the same time. They come out of the car and enter together. Preeto sees both of them from window. She gets overwhelmed and smiles. Harak also checks and gets surprised seeing Virat and Harman. They don’t call them but remain quite. They signal them. Harman also looks at Preeto. Harman and Virat go in different directions. Preeto and Harak pray to God.

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