Naagin Season 6 Episode 18 Written Updates 10 April 2022 – Pratha saves children from falling off cliff

Rishabh came inside and he started kicking things. He says why I’m feeling so bad about what Pratha said. Rishabh received a call from his chief and chief tells him that he wants to meet him soon to talk about something very important. Mahek asks Pratha about why she hurt Rishabh and Pratha says I came here to find the Asurs and he loves Reem so now I will let him move on in his life.

Chief tells Rishabh that he has found a clue about the 5th asur and he is the mastermind. He further tells him that an unknown angel killed 4 asurs already but even it seems that the Angel failed to find the 5th one. Pratha hears their whole conversation in her snake form. Rishabh says don’t worry sir I will find the 5th person by using my sources.

Pratha hears the recording of the 5th asur on her phone and Mahek asks what are you doing. Pratha says I am trying to find clue and then she says it seems Rihaan knows about the 5th asur and he will take us to the 5th asur.

At the dining table, Rihaan tells everyone that he killed the tiger in the jungle hearing this everyone started mocking him. Pratha came and she started talking in a very sweet manner to Rihaan. Rishabh thinks why is she trying to be so nice. Pratha serves food to Yash and Rishabh gets jealous. Rishabh tries to call someone and then he says he was calling Reem because he is worried about her.

Rihaan receives a call and Pratha followed him. The caller tells Rihaan to come at the diamond merchant party tonight. Pratha thinks I will go to that party for sure. Rihaan tells Samaira that tonight we will go to the party and Samaira tells Yash to accompany them. Yash says cool.

Pratha reached the party and she saw a diamond which looked very similar to Naagmani. Pratha tells Mahek that it seems that the 5th asur is here. Rishabh came to the party and he was informed by inspector Vijay that Changistan has their eyes on the precious diamond which looks like Naagmani and they have heard that the mastermind is here. Rishabh says no matter what, we have to catch him.

Karan Mehra arrived and Pratha thinks that this guy might be the mastermind because he is 6 feet tall and he is wearing a hat. Pratha gets bumped with Rishabh and he says that it seems you came here with Yash. Pratha sees Reem and tells Rishabh that you came here to meet her so you can spent some time with her.

Karan welcomes everyone to the party. Mahek tells Pratha that it seems you are in love with Rishabh and Pratha says there is nothing like this di, I want him to go with Reem. Pratha tells Mahek that it seems Karan is mastermind and we need to find out about his motives. Flashback shown – Pratha hears Karan tells Rihaan on phone that at 12:00 AM lights will go off and then the diamond will get stolen after which he will get the insurance as well.

Rishabh asks Reem what you are doing here and Reem says I got invitation as well. She tells him that Pratha will never leave him and Rishabh says she will leave him when she finds a person she loves. Rishabh looks at Pratha and thinks why is he getting jealous seeing her with Yash.

Yash asks Pratha that he is glad that she came with him but if she knew that Rishabh is coming to the party then she would have arrived with him. Pratha sees Rishabh nearby and says I did not wanted to come with him, I wanted to come with you only. Rishabh says even I did not wanted to come with you but my friend (Reem) forced me to come to the party so I came here, anyways you guys carry on.

Karan was asked how did India get such a big diamond. Karan responds this is my diamond and today after the exhibition, I will put it in museum. Rihaan was getting touchy with Samaira and Rishabh stopped him. Pratha takes a drink from Yash to make Rishabh feel jealous. Rishabh holds her hand and tells her to stay in her limit. Pratha says you have not seen my limit yet.

Pratha started doing a romantic dance with Yash and seeing her dancing with him, Rishabh started dancing with Reem. Mahek tells Samaira that your fiancé Rihaan was boyfriend of so many girls before you. Rihaan says this security in charge is lying. Vijay and Mahek also had a romantic dance.

Pratha started dancing alone and everyone was watching her dance. Lights turned off and the diamond got stolen. Rishabh catches a person but that was not Karan Mehra. Pratha in her half Naagin form catches Karan and he says that he was just trying to make some money and Rihaan told him to call him. Pratha says so it seems that the 5th asur fooled her but then who is that 5th asur.

Fifth asur was finally revealed and it was Pratha’s real father. He says that if Karan failed to steal the diamond then his other guy will steal it. Rishabh finds the diamond from the captured person’s pocket and he asks him about who hired you. But thief says he can’t tell. Pratha tells Mahek that it seems 5th asur has some other plan. Pratha’s father tells Rihaan that a bus filled with kids will fall into the river then the poison will get mixed into the Yamuna river after which this country will get destroyed.

Yash calls Pratha and he tells her that Rihaan went somewhere as he was talking to someone on phone about Yamuna. Pratha tells Mahek that it seems Asurs are again trying to poison the Yamuna river after which they both left. Rishabh checks on Karan Mehra and he tells chief by calling him that mastermind is someone else and he has gone mad.

Pratha and Mahek reached the bus as it was going to fall of the cliff. Pratha requested Lord Shiva for the Sheesh Naag form and in Sheesh Naag form she saved the bus from falling. Mahek killed the driver. Two kids were going to fall off the cliff but Pratha saved them and then their parents thanked her. They told her that bubbles are coming out from the river and it seems someone is drowning.

Pratha saved the person from drowning and the person was her father. Mahek and Pratha got emotional seeing him and then they took him to Gujral house. Seema and Radha asks Pratha why she brought him here. Pratha says he is her Guruji. Rishabh says that he can be treated here. Rihaan sees him and says Sardaar.

Pratha, Mahek, and Vivaan puts Pratha’s father on bed. Pratha had a childhood flashback – Pratha and Mahek asks their father about the Gullak and he says its a money box as he is collecting money for Pratha’s grand wedding. Pratha says I want a husband like you. He tells them to go and sleep. She tells him to sing a lullaby for them and he sings a lullaby. Back to Present – Mahek tells Pratha that they are no more orphans and all three of them will now find that 5th asur together. Pratha says I will kill the 5th asur no matter what.

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