Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 19 May 2021 Written – Daljeet exposed Virat

Daljeet forcefully brings Simran at the Harak Singh house and throws her in front of Angel. Angel asks Daljeet why he brought Simran here. Daljeet tells Angel that one of the goons is Virat. He came here to catch us. Find him. Angel gets shocked. Simran tells Daljeet you are not doing right. Virat won’t spare you.

Daljeet was about to slap her but Virat stops him. Virat removes the face cover. Daljeet says so that is your plan. I knew you will stop me from slapping Simran. He says to Virat you thought you can reach Heer by sending Simran behind me. If you do something again like this I’ll kill Heer. Virat shouts at him saying I’ll forget that you are my brother.

Daljeet says our relation already ended. Nothing is left. I don’t care. Preeto goes towards Virat but Angel tells Preeto how dare you? I sent you to bring money but you informed Virat?

Angel loses her temper and video calls her men. She orders her men to kill Harman after counting of three. She starts counting. Preeto pleads with Angel that she wont harm Harman. Preeto holds Angel’s leg. She says I will obey your words please don’t kill him. Harak and Mahi also request Angel. Harman says leave me. Angel’s goon presses the trigger but Daljeet stops him. Angel says I have to kill that Harman else Preeto won’t understand.

Daljeet stops Angel saying we have 36 hours. We can’t take any foolish step else Virat and others will get hyper can ruin our plan. Dont scare them so much. Angel agrees and doesnt kill Harman. Preeto feels relaxed. Preeto talks to Harman and asks where is Soumya? Angel snatches the phone and says Harman is caged he has no idea where Soumya is. Only I know. Angel says its her back up plan.

Harman imagines Soumya who gives him strength to fight back. Soumya says don’t give up. You cant break your promise. You will have to fight for our love. Harman recalls his moments with Soumya. He says he can’t lose hope, he will find out Soumya and wont break her faith on him. He gathers courage.

Viran faints out of pain. Mahi says Viran has fever and he needs treatment. Virat tells Daljeet to take Viran to hospital but Daljeet says Virat will bring first aid and other medicines for Viran. Viran won’t go anywhere. Daljeet threatens Virat saying Simran’s life will be in danger if you double cross me. Virat gets angry and leaves.

Virat takes out the bullet from Viran’s leg using knife. There Harman cuts the rope with a broken piece of bottle and frees himself. Virat tells everyone Viran is now getting better. Harman gets up from the chair and the chair falls down. Goons hear the noise. Harman prays for Soumya’s safety.

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