Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 17 May 2021 Written – Virat enters as Goon to save Preeto’s family

Preeto tells Angel how can you be so cruel. Why is she making Viren suffer like thiss? What was his fault?. Angel responds you didn’t show sympathy for me when Police was taking me to jail. Preeto says you paid for your crimes. Now also you can surrender your punishment will be less. Angel says to Preeto don’t forget I kidnapped Soumya and Harman. They will get killed if I order. So stand quietly. Angel counts the amount of money happily.

Virat reaches Preeto’s farmhouse and checks if there’s any backdoor or window. He crosses the gate. He thinks he won’t let anything happen to Heer’s family. Viren cries out of pain Angel stops him from making noise saying let me count the money.

Virat sneaks into Preeto’s house in disguise of a goon. Angel asks him where were you? Virat shows nature’s call sign. Angel scolds him and she orders her men to again lock everyone in room. Virat loses his temper but somehow controls himself. Virat tells the other goon to go outside. He enters where everyone is caged.

Harak Singh asks him why are you here? Virat removes the cover from his face and Harak gets surprised. He asks him how you entered here? FB is shown where Virat makes one goon unconscious and wears his clothes. Virat informs about Heer’s kidnapping to everyone. He further says Daljeet is also involved with Angel. Harak seeks help from Virat to take Viran to hospital as he is critical.

Harman recalls moments with his family members and gets emotional. Simran hides behind couch and overhears what Daljeet is saying. Daljeet talks to someone and tells him to execute their plan properly. Daljeet was about to leave but Parmeet stops him saying she made mango milkshake for him. Daljeet says he has some urgent work. He leaves.

Daljeet talks to Angel outside. He says I am coming to give you the passport. Simran gets shocked thinking Virat’s doubt was right. Daljeet was about to start his car but Simran puts cloth in the car silencer. Daljeet comes out of the car and checks what’s wrong. He takes out the cloth from the silencer. Daljeet starts the car and Simran finds no choice so she gets inside the trunk of the car. She tries to call Virat.

Virat tells other goons that Viran can die due to blood loss. Angel will trap the goons and will save herself. Virat tells the same thing to Angel. He says the money you will give us will be of no use. Angel is about to see Virat’s face but another goon supports Virat and tells Angel he is right, what will they escape if Viran dies.

Angel says have you gone mad? We can’t take him to hospital. We can get caught. Let him die. Virat gets shocked. Simran other side gets stunned to see Daljeet is taking fake passport of Angel from a person. She immediately calls Virat to inform him about Daljeet’s planning. Virat’s phone rings but he can’t receive it due to Angel’s presence. Doorbell rings and and someone says Police. Angel gets shocked.

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