Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 29 March 2021 Written – Mahi tells Soumya to leave

Preeto pushes Soumya away after which she was going back to her room seeing this Harak Singh tells her that why she is doing all this as she was praying to God to send Soumya back but now she is leaving her. Preeto says Soumya left all of us and now why she came back, I agree I told her to go but she left and never thought about us then why she came back now. Preeto starts crying saying so many years have past and she never thought about us also me and Harak are tired and broken. Preeto further says to Soumya that you never thought about your family and now we don’t have any relation with you.. Preeto was leaving for her room while Harak was saying why are you behaving like this, Soumya says that I left for the sake of you people but now I feel that I made the wrong decision but now I won’t leave till the time I win over mummy ji.

Soumya calls Mahi and Mahi left in anger showing her attitude. Mahi starts looking at Soumya with jealousy from away. Harak Singh complaints to Soumya that she never thought about them for so many years. Sant Baksh gets a call from IG and he tells him to handle the case of Angel personally.

Harak Singh tells Soumya that everything will get alright soon then he introduces her to Rohan. Soumya meets Rohan and she gets happy seeing him as a grown up adult. Soumya says that you still look intelligent and has glowing eyes. She also praised him for taking care of Heer and also talks to him about Soham. Rohan tells Soumya everything about Soham’s incident. Rohan says that Nani (Preeto) is right in her place as she even left him and didn’t even contacted them once. Soumya says whatever I did was for the future of Heer but I know that I did bad with you and Soham. Rohan leaves.

Soumya meets Viren chachu and he tells her not to worry as everything will get alright soon. Raavi & Sindhu meets Soumya as well and Sindhu says that she is feeling very happy seeing Soumya back that she can’t tell while Raavi tells her not to leave them ever again. Soumya lits a diya in front of Maa Durga and she prays for Heer’s well being.

At hospital in Sujanpur Heer sees the flashbacks of Angel shooting her and Virat after which she gains back her conscious. She asks about Virat and nurse says that he is critical but don’t worry he will get alright. Nurse also tells Heer that she is in Sujanpur right now. Heer sees Virat on the bed next to her and gets happy. Heer thinks that this happens to you Virat everytime due to me.

Preeto was alone in her room and Soumya knocks on the door as she brought food for her. Soumya says Mummy ji you haven’t eaten anything since last night so I brought food for you please eat. Preeto tells her to stop. Mahi also brought food for Preeto and Preeto says serve it. Mahi tells Soumya that she wants to talk to her. Soumya also serves food to Preeto after which Mahi grabs her hand and takes her to her room.

Mahi asks Soumya why did you came back and what did you thought that you will return and everything will get alright but you are not God. Soumya says I am not God but I am Mummy Ji’s daughter & Heer’s mother and now Harman Ji is not between us so why are you behaving like this. Mahi says because you brought that feeling back that you were his love and I was a wife for name sake, its my in laws house but you are called their daughter-in-law, Heer is my daughter but you are known as her mother and for whom you came back to fight because she is not even your daughter also you forgot that you took care of her only for a few years but didn’t gave her birth. Soumya says my and Heer relation is for life then Mahi says I can’t make big talks like you but I can give you one advice, just leave and don’t increase our troubles because you leave and return as per your mood while I stood with this family forever. Mahi further says that I will always stand with this family because I am legally their bahu and you are a Kinne…… Soumya says to Mahi that you can raise questions on my existence but not on my relations with this family, their fight is my fight and I will not leave from here till the time Mummy ji says so. Mahi says ok then now Mummy ji will send you away from this house.

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