MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode 6 March 2021 Contestants Introduction, Cupid Arrows Task and Twists – Full Details

The Grand Premier of Splitsvilla Season 13 started with a bang as Sunny Leone makes a sizzling entrance on an island in a boat showing her sexy moves on Jiya Jale song. Sunny’s hot look somewhat reminded us of Zeenat Aman’s appearance from Satyam Shivam Sundaram. Sunny reached the Island and she picked up a Golden arrow. Rannvijay Singha makes an entrance on the island after that on a boat and I’m a Star Baby song was playing in the background. Rannvijay finds a Silver arrow lying on the beach.

Sunny and Rannvijay both talked about Cupid Arrows and their importance in the Greek Mythology. Rannvijay says that they have found Gold and Silver arrows and just like that there are two sides to this Villa as well.

Time came for the introduction of female contestants of Splitsvilla 13 and all of them were coming to the island on a motor boat together. They got introduced one by one starting with Kat Kristian and so on.

After introductions girls came to meet Sunny Leone and Rannvijay Singha. Rannvijay asked them to tell why they came to Splitsvilla and some girl says to find the love of our life while other says drama. One girl says that she came here to find a husband. Arushi Chib says that she came to find a cook. Azma Fallah says that she want to get barbaad in love. Arushi says that she is looking for old school love.

Cupid Arrows Task – Gold and Silver Arrows.

Rannvijay tells girls about Cupid’s arrows and it has two arrows Gold and Silver. Gold means ‘forever love’ while Silver means ‘Crush love.’ Sunny and Rannvijay tells girls that they have found some work of art from all across India for them and they will be standing in a statue position and all girls will have one gold and two silver arrows. There will be a heart near the statues and girls have to put Gold arrow on one guy heart while on other two they have to put silver arrow.

Gallery Door Opened and 9 handsome Boys were standing in statue position on platforms with their descriptions near them but their faces were covered.

Nikita Bhamidipati went first followed by other girls :

  • Arushi Chib – Vyomesh Koul (Gold Arrow), Kevin Almasifar -(Silver Arrow), Samarthya Gupta (Silver Arrow)
  • Nikita Bhamidipati – Kevin Almasifar -(Gold Arrow), Trevon Dias (Silver Arrow), Dhruv Malik (Silver Arrow)
  • Kat Kristian – Kevin Almasifar -(Gold Arrow), Vyomesh Koul (Silver Arrow), Nikhil Malik (Silver Arrow)
  • Aditi Rajput – Kevin Almasifar -(Gold Arrow), Samasrthya Gupta (Silver Arrow)
  • Riya Kishanchandani – Nikhil Malik (Gold Arrow), Kevin Almasifar – (Silver Arrow), Samarthya Gupta (Silver Arrow)
  • Avantika Sharma – Gary Lu (Gold Arrow), Dhruv Malik (Silver Arrow)
  • Samruddhi Jadhav – Kevin Almasifar -(Gold Arrow), Dhruv Malik (Silver Arrow)
  • Shweta Nair – Samarthya Gupta -(Gold Arrow), Nikhil Malik – (Silver Arrow)
  • Bhoomika Vasishth – Vyomesh Koul (Gold Arrow), Jay Dudhane (Silver Arrow), Dhruv Malik (Silver Arrow)
  • Janvi Sikaria – Vyomesh Koul (Gold Arrow), Samarthya Gupta (Silver Arrow), Gary Lu (Silver Arrow)
  • Azma Fallah – Nikhil Malik (Gold Arrow), Shivam Sharma (Silver Arrow), Vyomesh Koul (Silver Arrow)
  • Pallak Yadav – Nikhil Malik (Gold Arrow), Dhruv Malik (Silver Arrow), Shivam Sharma (Silver Arrow)

Kevin Almasifar receives the most number of Golden Arrows

  • Gary Lu – 3 Silver and 1 Gold
  • Shivam Sharma – 2 Silver
  • Trevon Dias – 2 Silver
  • Vyomesh Koul – 3 Gold and 3 Silver
  • Samarthya Gupta – 1 Gold and 5 Silver
  • Kevin Almasifar – 4 Gold and 2 Silver
  • Nikhil Malik – 3 Gold and 3 Silver
  • Dhruv Malik – 5 Silver
  • Jay Dudhane – 1 Silver

Jay Dudhane received the least amount of arrows as he received only 1 Silver arrow just because of his hashtag Casanova.

Jay Dudhane did a backflip to impress the girls

Rannvijay Singha tells that the boys with the most amount of Golden Arrows will go to the the Gold Villa while the rest will go to Silver Villa.

Kevin Almasifar, Vyomesh Koul, and Nikhil Malik will go to Gold Villa

Gary Lu, Jay Dudhane, Dhruv Malik, Samarthya Gupta, Shivam Sharma, and Trevon Dias will go to Silver Villa


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