Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 15 May 2021 Written – Angel holds Viren at Gunpoint

Simran takes Virat outside to talk to him. Daljeet receives Angel’s call and Angel says where were you? Meet me at the backside of the pool. Daljeet gets shocked and goes to meet her.

Daljeet says to Angel don’t you have fear? Police are after you and you came here! Angel says tomorrow is my flight. Give me the passport. Daljeet says he managed everything. He will give her. Angel asks about Heer. Daljeet informs Heer is kidnapped. Angel laughs. She says don’t kill Heer but I’ll take her to abroad to give her scariest punishment. Angel says she will kill Harman first. Daljeet tells her to leave at once as anyone can see her. Angel leaves.

Harman was held captive. Goons come and removes the cloth from his mouth. Harman gets angry and tells them to release him. He asks where is Soumya? Goons warn him saying control yourself.

Simran gets shocked knowing that Harman is back and Soumya is also kidnapped. Angel kept Preeto’s family as hostage. Virat says keep your volume low. Keep giving me updates of Daljeet. He joined hands with Angel. Virat says these are not coincidences. He shows Heer’s earring to Simran saying he found it. He thought Heer is angry with him but actually she got kidnapped. Simran gets shock and she was about to inform Rohan but Virat stops her saying Heer can be in danger.

Angel enters Singh house. She orders her men to bring Viran thinking why Preeto isn’t back yet. Harak Singh gets worried for Viran. He tells Mahi to give cloth to tie the wound. But Angel’s men forcibly bring Viran out.

Angel holds Viren at gunpoint. Harak gets restless and goons hold him tightly. Angel tells Viran no one cares for you here. Not even your wife. You should die. Harak warns Angel not to shoot else she will regret later.

Angel was about to shoot Viran but Preeto shouts stop. She comes and throws bag full of money at Angel. Preeto says now call my son and daughter in law. Angel says she can only talk to Harman now. Angel video calls.

Preeto gets emotional looking at Harman. She says we got to know you are our Harman. Harman says I am fine. Preeto says she doesn’t want to lose Harman now. She apologises saying she couldn’t recognise her own son. Harman says I am coming back with Soumya. Preeto says I waited for so long. Now I want to give you tight hug. Angel cuts the call.

Angel mocks saying you two are very emotional. Angel checks the money and says now Viran can go to hospital. Preeto was about to leave with Viran but Angel says I am not stupid. If you go Police will catch me. I can’t let that happen. Someone shouts Angel.


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