Woh To Hai Albelaa episode 10 written updates 25 March 2022 – Krishna pledges to take revenge from Sayuri

Dhanraj scolds Saroj for shouting on Sayuri for no reason. He says that she hasn’t written the name of your son on that broken glass but still you started insulting that girl. He further tells her that you are a good mother, a good daughter, and a good wife but one bad quality of yours ruins everything. Saroj says that I hate them. He tells her to stop doing it or else because of your hate everything will get destroyed.

Krishna was making a vlog lying on his bed and Chiru touched his feet. Krishna says what are you doing, you are my elder brother. Chiru says during your childhood I used to take off your shoes. Krishna says I am sad with you because you didn’t trusted me and Chiru says I told you that I did not got the time. Nakul came in room and he applied ointment on Krishna’s feet. Nakul asks Chiru to tell why are you both tensed. Krishna says we are not tensed rather we should celebrate because Chhote Chhote Bhaiyo Ke Bade Bhaiya is dying to be kisi ke Saiyaan. Nakul says what.

Sayuri was still crying and Pihu says that I want to break all the glasses of their house with hockey stick. Rashmi says if you did this Pihu then I will never talk to you. Dadi says we should not talk only about them and she went to kitchen with Pihu and Rashmi. Indu tells Sayuri that it seems there’s something else that is worrying you.

Nakul says really and he started dancing that Chiru bhaiya has gotten ready for marriage. Krishna tells him to ask who is the bhabhi. Nakul asks who. Krishna finally revealed its Sayuri. Nakul says what Sayuri. He gets shocked seeing Saroj in the room.

Indu asks Sayuri to tell what’s going on in your mind and Sayuri says why did Saroj aunty hate us so much and will our relations ever get better with them again. Indu tells Sayuri to not to take tension. Sayuri thinks why shouldn’t I take tension as when she will find out, I am very scared.

Saroj warns all three brother’s to never take name of Sayuri again. She tells Kanha that this injury on your forehead is just because of Sayuri after that all that drama happened. Krishna says you are right maa we should not have any relation with her. She gave Haldi milk to him and tells him to drink it. Krishna and Nakul sleeps together while Chiru sleeps on a separate bed. Krishna thinks because of you Sayuri, difference came between us brothers and now I will take revenge from you.

Dadi plays Bhari Bhari song to enlighten Sayuri’s mood and she started dancing on it. During her dance she started dreaming that Chiru is with her. After the dance everyone clapped for her. Chiru makes a phone call to Sayuri and he tells her that Krishna will never annoy her again.

Next morning Chiru wakes up and both Krishna & Nakul were sleeping with him on the same bed. Chiru tells them that he is going to washroom because he needs to go early for a meeting. Krishna asks where are you going. Chiru says what if I’m going to meet Sayuri, would you have stopped me. Nakul says it seems like Bhaiya is angry with us. Krishna says its all because of that Phhatti Bansuri. Nakul says no bhaiya its because of what you said. Krishna says I will say it again, I don’t like that girl. Nakul says but she isn’t that bad. Krishna kicked Nakul from bed

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