Naagin Season 6 Episode 14 Written Updates 27 March 2022 – Rishabh gets close to Pratha and Mahek gets uncomfortable

Mehak started flirting with Vivaan and she took her away. Shanglira was waiting for Vivaan and Rihaan. Mahek confronts her and says stop with your cheap tactics. Lalit came there and he started flirting with Shanglira and Mahek tells him to lets go to temple. Lalit says looking at Shanglira that my God is here. Mahek says ok then lets take her with us as well. Shanglira thinks if I went inside then my truth will come out.

Pandit Ji says now you can do Aarti and Pratha thinks that Rishabh might find the poison pouch. Pratha and Rishabh did Aarti. Lalit tells Shanglira to come with her and Shanglira says I can’t come because my periods are going on. Mahek tells Shanglira we have hidden your poison in the temple where you can’t reach. Urvashi thinks Pratha destroyed my daughter’s life and till the time I won’t throw her out of Rishabh’s life I won’t relax.

Pandit Ji puts the garland around Rishabh’s neck which had the poison pouch. Pratha turned into her Naagin form and drinks milk from the bowl to accomplish dadi’s pooja. Shanglira takes the form of a old lady and Mahek wonders where is she. Shanglira deceives Rishabh and manages to take garland from him in the old lady form. Pratha prays in front of Lord Shiva that Shanglira has taken her poison but she will rescue everyone from her.

Pratha confronts Shanglira on the Yamuna’s shore. She took her virat form and beats up Shanglira. Shanglira started pleading in front of Pratha asking her for mercy as she has heard that Hindustani’s have big heart. Pratha spared her and Shanglira handed Pratha the poison pouch. Pratha turned her back on Shanglira and she tabbed her with a dagger. Pratha fell down and she started seeing flashbacks.

In her pain Pratha grabbed Shanglira by her feet and she turned her into a statue. Mahek came and says if anything happened to her sister then she will destroy the whole universe. Mahek takes Pratha to professor and he tells her that there is only one way to save her and that is by killing Shanglira. Professor says that only Shalaka can kill Shanglira and right now she is doing tapasya at Chandrashila jungle. Mahek went to meet Shalaka.

Mahek sees Shalaka covered in ice and she started calling her. Shalaka says she was waiting for her. Mahek blew off all the ice from Shalaka and then she tells her about everything that has happened to Pratha. Mahek tells her that you have to kill Shanglira and Shalaka says if by killing Shanglira I can do all the wrongs done by me right then I will do it.

Inspector Vijay tells Rishabh that you recently got married but still your wife runs away from you so often. Rishabh tells Inspector that he thinks there is a big conspiracy going on. Vijay says every married man has this question.

Shalaka sees Pratha and she did pranaam to her. Mahek tells Shalaka that you have kill Shanglira till morning. Shalaka tells Mahek to take her to Shanglira. Professor tells Mahek that you have to go to Gujral house as Pratha or else they will get suspicious. Shalaka promised Mahek that she won’t let anything bad happen to Pratha.

Vijay tells Rishabh that maybe your wife ran away with your security in-charge Hina. Mahek came back and she took Pratha’s form. She tells Rishabh that he loves her so much that he called the police when she was not there. Mahek as Pratha smiled seeing Vijay and Rishabh got jealous. Mahek went inside the room. Reem tells Rishabh that you should not be concerned if she was passing smile to Vijay and Rishabh says I was worried because she is the bahu of this house. Reem tells Rishabh that there is something wrong happening and we need to find about Pratha’s past.

Shalaka went to Shanglira and she tells her that I came here to help you because I want Naagmani. Shanglira says I will help you in getting Naagmani but before that I need to mix poison in Yamuna water. Shanglira was going to mix the poison but Shalaka stopped her after which both the Naagins started fighting.

Mehak as Pratha was in the bedroom and Rishabh came inside. He started getting close to her and she started getting uncomfortable. Rishabh tells her to give him a shoulder massage and Mahek as Pratha says you are my jiju after which she left the room. Rishabh says this girl is not at all interested in me.

Shalaka makes a circle of fire around Shanglira and then she made her unconscious. Shalaka stabs Shanglira with a Trishul in her stomach. Shanglira gets up and she throws poison in Yamuna. Pratha gets well and Shalaka informs her that Shanglira has mixed the poison in Yamuna’s water. Professor tells all three Naagins that tonight you have to make Lord Shiva happy.

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