Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 15 April 2021 Written – Karan fails to grant Preeta bail

Srishti tries to stop Sarla from going to Luthra house. Sarla tells Srishti that Preeta has been in Akshay’s murder case and they can’t lose her so they should just think about her. She asks her that why no one came from Luthra house and right now they should support Preeta but they failed to do that so she will question them definitely. Srishti says to her that Sarla is right but if something went wrong in Luthra house then it will hurt Preeta only. Sarla says to her that she can understand that but Luthra’s doesn’t believe Preeta and they are just afraid of this society but she is not afraid of anyone so she will fight for Preeta and she will hire lawyer for her and leaves from there.

Srishti prays to God to help Preeta. She talks to herself saying Sarla is right, Preeta never cares about herself and she always thinks about others. She wonders why no one helping Preeta and thinks if Mahesh is fit and fine then he would have helped her. She thinks to go to Mahesh to ask help for Preeta.

On the other hand, Rakhi gives medicine to Mahesh. He says to her that she need not to act in front of him because he knows her very well and assures her saying he will handle everything. She says to him that she is worried for Preeta and she is not understanding what to do. He says to her that he came out of coma for his family so she need not to worry about anything anymore. She says to him that when he was in coma she fulfilled his responsibilities too but now she is tired of all so he has to handle everything from now on.

Kareena comes there and asks Mahesh that did he called the Driver. Mahesh informs her that he decided to join the office from tomorrow so it’s obvious that he needs Driver. She tells him to take rest. He says to her that he took enough rest. She says to him that she thought tomorrow he is going to the Police station to meet Preeta. He lies to her saying he is not going to the Police station.

He informs Rakhi that he is going to meet Vijay tomorrow. She asks him to talk to Karan because he is upset with Preeta so he is not helping her. He says to her that Karan took Lawyer’s number from him and he is doing everything to get bail for Preeta because he loves his wife so much and asks her to understand her son.

In Police station, Karan says to Vijay that Preeta is innocent. Lawyer apologize to Karan saying he is unable get bail for Preeta so she has to stay in the Police station tonight. Karan yells at him. Later, Srishti says to Karan that Preeta is innocent. He says to her that he knows that she is not the murderer. She pleads him to meet Preeta once because she is already in gulit for hiding the truth from him.

Lady constable gives milk shake to Preeta saying Rakhi send this for her. Preeta understood that Karan send this for her. Suresh informs Pammi that someone deliberately broke the injection, which he gave in the lab for test. Kareena scolds Kritika for meeting Preeta. Preeta cries recalling the moments she shared with Karan.

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