Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 14 May 2021 Written – Angel kidnapped Harman Soumya

Angel says what did you think that Angel is in jail so you all can enjoy by doing a summer picnic. But see I am out of jail as no jail can keep Angel inside for too long. Angel reveals she only intoxicated everyone and kidnapped Harman and Soumya. She says to Preeto I made you lie on street, Preeto says I am not scared of you. I’ll send you to jail again.

Harak Singh goes near Angel and he takes the gun from one of the goons smartly and before he could hold Angel at gunpoint Angel signals her men and she holds Preeto at gunpoint. Angel’s men hold knives on family members’ neck. Harak gets shocked seeing that. Goons catch Harak and hold him tightly.

Angel laughs saying full on entertainment is happening. Preeto tells her what you want you won’t get here. So you can leave. Angel says she ran off from jail and she wants shelter in Preeto’s house for 48 hours. That’s why she did all this and threatened Preeto.

Angel says to Preeto if you deny your Harman and Soumya will get killed. Preeto says she doesn’t believe in Angel’s words. Angel says why do you underestimate me all the time? She tells his men to call Harman.

Harman receives the call. Preeto asks him where is Soumya. Harman says she is with me. Angel cuts the call saying now you trust me right? She orders Preeto to bring 50 lakhs from bank for her. Preeto tries to warn her but Angel shoots Viren’s leg. Viran gets injured. Harak rushes to see him.

Preeto shouts call the doctor. Angel says I have not enough time. Viren is not dead, so stop your drama and go to bank. Else I’ll kill you all. Preeto angrily says if you harm my family I’ll give scariest death to you. Preeto leaves. Angel tells his men to lock everyone in room.

Preeto calls taxi and gets into car. She tells the driver to take her to bank. Preeto recalls Angel’s threat. She looks worried. Preeto tells the driver to stop the car near Virat’s house. She expects DSP Sant Baksh can help her. Preeto was about to enter but she sees Daljeet is out of jail. She overhears their talk.

Daljeet starts his drama saying he is innocent, Heer’s family trapped him. Virat asks him so you thought you can kill Heer? Parmeet believes Daljeet and convinces Virat that he is innocent. Preeto leaves without meeting them.

Virat observes Preeto and goes behind her to talk to her. Virat comes in front of Preeto’s car and stops it. He touches Preeto’s feet and asks why you didn’t meet us? Preeto gets emotional seeing Virat after long.

Preeto reveals Angel threatened them and told them to arrange money. Preeto asks about Heer saying I know you both wanted space but you love each other a lot. How is Heer. Virat doesn’t answer but he insists her to come inside to which Preeto says she can’t as Daljeet can inform Angel about her arrival.

Preeto says Daljeet and Angel are in one team. Virat says he will try his best to help Preeto. Preeto stops him from getting involved. Virat says you consider me as your loved one. Then why you don’t think I can help you? Virat says you arrange money and I’ll handle Angel. Preeto gets happy.

Virat stares at Daljeet. Daljeet asks him why he is looking at him like that. Virat lies that maybe Soumya and Heer’s family trapped him and he misunderstood his brother. Virat then says Angel escaped from jail. Parmeet gets shocked knowing that.

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