Imlie Episode 18 September 2021 Written Update – Dulari tells Imlie to think like Malini

Malini’s lawyer calls the whole Tripathi family in the witness box one by one including Radha, Aparna, Pankaj, Rupali, Nishant and all of them said that they don’t remember anything what happened that night as they got drugged. Mr. Desai says to judge these people don’t remember anything but still they are blaming my client Malini Chaturvedi.

Kunal says that Aditya should be called in the witness box. Mr. Desai calls Aditya in the witness box and asks him what happened that night. Aditya says after my fight with Imlie that night I went to find her but after that I don’t remember anything. Mr’ Desai asks Aditya how is Malini wrong when she is your wife and Aditya says no only Imlie is my wife and I love her only. Mr. Desai then asks him did you tell Malini about your marriage with Imlie before marrying Malini. Aditya says I tried to tell her but. Mr. Desai calls Aditya a fraud for marrying two woman and keeping them in dark.

Kunal asks Aditya do you know that Malini Chaturvedi has stopped all the divorce proceedings. Aditya gets shocked with this revelation. Kunal then asks him how you know that Malini did not forced you as you don’t remember anything. Mr. Desai objects that. Judge was going to dismiss the case but Kunal asks for next date to collect more proof and Judge gives the next date.

Outside the court Malini tells Anu that she is scared. Anu tells her not to worry as the case will get dismissed in next hearing and she needs to focus on Aditya. She tells her Aditya is coming so make him feel guilty. Aditya questions Malini why didn’t she tell him that she stopped the divorce proceedings. Malini made some excuse regarding her getting hospitalized so get forgot.

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Imlie came there and she had a confrontation with Malini. She tells Malini that she will win this case. Malini says when you won’t have proof then judge will dismiss the case. She left saying all the best to her. Kunal says if we did not give a solid proof then judge will dismiss the case. Dulari gave an idea to defeat English madam using her way and Imlie says now I know what top do.

Precap: Imlie gets Anu drunk and gets dressed as Malini and asks here where she brought the drug from. Anu says drug. Imlie says I am talking about that drug which we gave to the whole family because we need to do something otherwise Imlie will find some proof. Anu says we have cleared all the proofs. Malini came and says mom. She asks how did my mom came here

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