Naagin Season 6 Episode 10 Written Updates 13 March 2022 – Rishabh tries to get romantic with Pratha

Rishabh pumped Lalit Gujral’s stomach and he started breathing. Rishabh asked Lalit who did this and he stated the one whom we can’t see. Mehak tells Pratha that she won’t let this asur live anymore and Pratha says we can’t kill innocents and she gave her kasam to Mehak. Rishabh took Lalit back to home and Mehak and Pratha also leaves from there.

Lalit regains consciousness and Seema tells Anya to bring Rishabh. Rishabh asks Pratha what she is doing in the bedroom and she says that its her room as well. Rishabh saw the blood stain on Pratha’s dress and he got suspicious. Anya calls Rishabh telling him that Lalit has woken up. Pratha prays to Lord Shiva to turn around things.

Lalit started flirting with Urvashi and doctor tells Rishabh & Seema that Lalit has lost his memory. Lalit started behaving like a young brat. Rishabh tells Inspector Vijay to find the culprit and he says that he will do it soon. Pratha tells Mehak that she hypnotized Lalit and that’s why he forgot everything but soon he will regain his memory. Pratha further tells Mehak that they can’t kill Lalit because everyone will suspect them.

Mehak tells Pratha that she found a safe in other room but that was fingerprint locked. Pratha says it will be opened with Lalit’s fingerprints. Urvashi was going to leave with Reem and Seema tried to stop them. Ritesh came and he holds Reem’s hand and requested her not to leave and she stopped. Ritesh tells Reem to get united so we can bring Pratha and Virat back in our lives.

Pratha tells Mehak to bring fingerprints and she needs to hide her kenchuli. Urvashi hears their conversation and gets suspicious. Pratha went to her room and it was decorated with flowers and balloons. Rishabh did a dance with Pratha and he then started flirting telling her to make tonight special. Pratha was getting uncomfortable. Pratha leaves the room saying that Seema called her. Seema came in Rishabh’s room and then Rishabh says why Pratha lied to me.

Ritesh meets Pratha and he puts her hand on his heart saying it it hurts a lot. Rishabh sees them and he thinks that Pratha is flirting with Ritesh and she is playing with his family. Mehak took Urvashi’s form and she started flirting with Lalit. Urvashi (Mehak) took Lalit in the room and then Pratha took cat form and Mehak took bird form and they started scaring Lalit. Lalit got unconscious again. They took his fingerprints and opened the locker and took what they wanted.

Seema, Urvashi, Punit and Rishabh came in room and they woke up Lalit. Lalit blamed Urvashi and Seema says his mental condition is not right. Urvashi got further more suspicious. Pratha saw Diya with a guy and she couldn’t see his face. It was Vivaan and he took Diya in room.

Shikha Singh entered as lady cop Riddhi Sharma and she beats some goons on road and then went with Inspector Vijay to Gujral house. Inspector Riddhi started inquiring and Urvashi started bad mouthing Pratha after which Riddhi told her to respect women.

Promotion for Colors upcoming show Spy Bahu was done by Radha and Anya.. Vivaan was romancing Diya in the bedroom and Rihaan was recording her video. Diya saw him recording and she ran away from the room.

Urvashi finds out Pratha’s kenchuli from the cupboard and she pledges that she will destroy her life and will expose her.

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