Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 14 April 2021 Written – Harman tries to convince Soumya

Harman was waiting for Soumya. He thinks you will come for sure Gulaabo. Soumya says she won’t go to meet that stranger. Soumya decides to get ready and when she opens her cupboard Harman’s favorite orange saree falls.

Preeto makes a list of ingredients. Raavi brings tea for everyone. Raavi tells Soumya to drink tea. Harman keeps calling Soumya on her phone. Soumya cuts it thrice and then finally she receives it as Preeto tells her to do that. Soumya tells Harman she doesn’t want to meet him. Harman says then who’ll tell you about Harman Ji? Soumya gets shocked and before she could ask anything Harman cuts the call. Soumya wonders how does he know about Harman ji? Soumya leaves immediately to meet him. Mahi thinks Soumya is hiding something for sure.

Soumya reaches the place and sees all the decorations. She sees her favorite panipuri and recalls all the memories. She gets emotional. Soumya then recalls how she likes to see Harman in blue. Harman makes the set up which reminds Soumya of her past. Harman plays the dhol and Soumya sees him from behind. (Mohabbatein song plays) She runs to hug him. Soumya cries hugging Harman. She says she missed him a lot, she is incomplete without him. Soumya says she even wished to die but hoped that Harman will be back. Soumya then sees Harman’s face. She gets shocked. She was about to slap him but Harman stops her by grabbing her hands. He makes her touch his cheeks. Harman says is she not feeling his presence, Soumya says stop talking rubbish. How dare you touched me? Harman says life made fun of his life. He got saved and now he met Soumya.

Nayan says to Virat that she likes gardening. She loves nature. She plants some seeds. Seeing Heer, Virat flirts with Nayan saying he likes girls who love nature. Heer notices them. Heer recalls how Virat plucked rose for her and gifted her. Heer said to him how to take care of the plants. Virat said he doesn’t like dirty hands specially, Heer’s hands should not look dirty. Back to reality, Virat helps Nayan in planting. Nayan gets shy. Virat tells Heer to pour water on their hands so that they can wash it. Virat washes Nayan’s hands as well. Heer gets disheartened. Heer suddenly was about to faint. But Nayan gives her support and gives her water as well. Virat gets worried for Heer but doesn’t show his concern. Virat tells Nayan that he had no past relationships. But he likes Nayan a lot and they will start a new life together. Virat tells Heer to click a picture of him and Nayan. Heer agrees. Virat says he wants to show off that he is going to marry Nayan. He keeps his hand on Nayan’s shoulder. Heer says they look good together and leaves.

Soumya tells Harman to leave at once. She says he can’t take Harman’s place in her life. She was about to go but Harman holds her tightly saying he wants to stay in her life. He wants her love. Harman insists Soumya to ask questions to him. Soumya says she doesn’t want to see him. She tells Harman not to follow her again. Harman says he thought of showing proof to Harak and Preeto. But then he thought he will tell the truth to Soumya first. Soumya says stay away from my family. Harman says he won’t quit until he proves he is Harman. He asks Soumya why she wore his favorite color Saree. Soumya says she didn’t think that he will be here instead of Harman.

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