Karan says to him Preeta means nothing – Kundali Bhagya 23 July 2020 Episode Written

Srishti says that Rana is lying we even don’t have that much money to give him triple money. Rana says Preeta I can’t lie anymore as its a matter of my life. Rana then says even Preeta’s mother is involved in all this. Rakhi came and slapped Rana hard saying that Preeta and her mother can’t do this as they are very good people. Sammy came with inspector and Rishabh tells him to take Rana with them and interrogate him till he says truth. Mahira says I don’t know why you people trust Preeta so much I think whatever that goon was saying is true. Preeta says shut up and stop lying.

Mahira says I am not lying I know you did all this because you wanted to stop my marriage with Karan and you succeeded as mahurat time is over. Mahira also blamed Srishti in helping Preeta and says Preeta did all this because she wanted her entry back again in Luthra house. Preeta says yes I want Karan not to marry you as you are a pathetic girl and Karan deserves a much better girl then you. Karan says shut up to Preeta then he grabs Mahira’s arm and says she’s the best one for him.

Karan says my mom likes Preeta because she has a kind heart then he says no matter if mahurat is over I will still marry Mahira as Preeta is nothing for me. Rishabh joins hands in front of her and apologized for what Karan says then he thanked her for whatever she has done for him and his family. Sherlyn says this is your biggest mistake Rishabh ji as you can’t different between right and wrong. Rishabh says yeah before marriage I thought you were good but I was wrong. Kareena says have you seen Rakhi bhabhi Preeta has created misunderstandings between our family again.

Kareena tells Mahira that tomorrow you will get married to Karan and I will see who will stop your wedding. Preeta tells Rakhi not to support her then Rakhi says don’t worry there are no misunderstanding between us. Rishabh also thanked Preeta then Preeta says don’t do this as you supported me and my sister many times and today it was my turn to prove my friendship. Preeta also thanked Sammy for coming on Srishti’s call. Preeta went from there saying don’t know when we will meet again.

Srishti and Preeta came back at Arora house and Janki says why you break the window then Srishti shouts I did not break any window. Sarla came and Srishti says that Sammy breaks the window. Sarla tells them that she went to Luthra house but only Sherlyn was there and she tells her that Preeta is not here. Sarla asks them where did they went then Preeta tells Sarla everything and says even Rakhi ji thanked her. Sarla asks Preeta what did everyone else said means Kareena, Sherlyn, Mahira and Karan as they might have insulted you, have they insulted you.

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