Today’s Kumkum Bhagya Episode 21 April 2021 Written – Mehra Family stands with Pragya to save Abhi

Rhea gave a warning to Tanu saying it will be better if you take back the complaint against my dad otherwise don’t say that we didn’t warn you because you have less time and she leaves with Prachi.

Tanu breaks wine glass in frustration than she thinks about Nethra words to take NGO help after which she will gain public sympathy than she calls someone and asks them to meet her so she can share exclusive story with them than she records her crying video and posts it in social media.

Rhea takes Prachi to her home. Prachi leaves after thanking her for taking her stand. Rhea comes out and tells her that she did it for Dad and you’re just daughter of my parents not my sister so remember it. Prachi says don’t worry I remember it that we are not sisters. Both thinks how they supported each other. Rhea calls Prachi. Prachi turns back and Rhea says nothing.

Mitali says she is looking like Bechari seeing Tanu’s crying video on Aliya phone. Aliya says Bechari my foot than she gets message from Tanu. Aliya calls Tanu and warns her to not repeat these kinds of words for her Rhea than she calls Rhea. Dadi tells her Rhea is not at home and asks her about Tanu message.

Rhea comes to home. Aliya asks her why she went to warn Tanu with Prachi? Don’t you know how dangerous she is? Rhea tells to Aliya that it’s not warning and I meant what I said. Dadi asks how she knows that Prachi went to meet Tanu. Rhea tells them Prachi and she went individually to warn Tanu. Mitali praises them.

Aliya stops Mitali telling it’s childish act. Rhea says we requested her but she called security that why I make her understand in her language and I can’t sit silently if someone insult my family so I will definitely prove that she is lying. Aliya says even I’m getting angry but it’s legal matter so stay away from it what if Tanu complains against you. Dadi asks Rhea to listen Aliya words.

Pragya enters Mehra mansion. Aliya asks her to leave saying she can handle it and return to home once Bhai is back. Pragya tells her she can’t leave Abhi in problems. Aliya says he have his family. Pragya tells her she is his family too, I’m his life partner and we are connected for 7 births and we have to fight for Abhi and I will not complain if anyone don’t support me, but won’t bear if anyone stops me from helping my husband.

Aaliya says she won’t bear if Pragya increases problems to her brother. Pragya asks who will supports her to save Abhi? Ranbir comes forward and he tells her he gonna support her than Dadi and Mitali tells to Pragya that they will support her than Rhea says she wants her dad back and she tells that she will support her mom to get back her Dad.

Pragya feels happy than she tells to Aliya that it’s our family fight and Tanu may plan bigger so contact your lawyers and known people. They goes. Pragya tells to Aliya that our flight is one so don’t get separated from family.

Doctor takes blood sample of Abhi and swab test. Abhi looks confused. Inspector tells him these are for DNA test. Abhi sees Tanu and tries to warn her but inspector stops him than Abhi goes to lockup. Tanu says sorry for hurting you Abhi but it’s needed to teach lesson to Pragya and this time only I can save you from this problem not Pragya.

Pragya goes to Abhi room and she gets emotional reminscing her past moments with Abhi. Rhea goes to Pragya and says Dadi told me that you saved Dad from every problem, can you save him this time too. Pragya says I love your Dad so much that’s why I always fight for him but now you guys are supporting me so we will definitely win and for a mother her daughter support is so much.

Rhea hugs Pragya emotionally. Both cries. Pragya asks Rhea to meet her Dad telling he is missing her. Rhea agrees and goes from room. Pragya feels emotional seeing Fuggi doll. Abhi and Pragya misses each other.

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