Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 13 April 2021 Written – Mahira wins 3 day challenge

Rakhi asks Preeta why she did not jumped out of the room’s window. ACP Vijay orders lady constable Susheela to take Preeta from there. Rakhi asks ACP Vijay to not do like that and asks Karan to do something. Karan asks Susheela to leave Preeta saying she can’t take her from there. ACP Vijay says to him that Karan has to face the consequences for his act. Karan asks Susheela to unlock Preeta’s handcuffs. ACP Vijay orders the Constable to arrest Karan. Constable tries to arrest Karan and Preeta stops them saying he is innocent and it’s her mistake so they should not arrest him. She says to Karan that it was just an accident and says Akshay used to call Kritika so she just went to his room to warn him to stay away from Kritika but he misbehaved with her so she just hit him with tray and she didn’t expect that he will die because of that. Karan and others shocks hearing her.

Preeta says to Karan that her intention was not to kill Akshay and says she wanted to tell the truth to him but she didn’t get chance and apologize to him then hugs him. He says to her that he is not interested in her stories and leaves from there. Preeta looks at Mahira who reminds her about three day challenge with her hand gestures. Police takes Preeta from there. Mahira thinks it’s 3rd day of her challenge and Preeta separated from Karan.

Kareena says to her family that she can’t believe that Preeta murdered Akshay. Baani Dadi asks Mahesh to not help Preeta. Mahesh says Preeta is like his daughter so it’s obvious that he will help her. Baani Dadi scolds Kareena for talking about Preeta’s arrest in front of Mahesh. Mahesh takes Suresh’s mobile. But Baani Dadi snatches it saying Mahesh just need rest now nothing else. Suresh says Preeta is daughter in law of this house so they can’t stay silent. Sarla learns about Preeta’s arrest from Rakhi. She scolds Rakhi for not stopping the Police and disconnects the call.

Kritika says to Karan that Preeta is innocent and asks him to help her. He says to her that he is just upset that Preeta didn’t inform anything to him. She says to him that Preeta did everything for her only. He says to her that he knows that Preeta is innocent and asks her to leave him alone. ACP Vijay asks Preeta to confess her crime. Preeta says to him that she already told everything to him. He says to her that something is missing in her story so he is waiting to hear complete truth from her and goes to his cabin. Preeta recalls Karan’s words and cries.

Prithvi asks Sherlyn that did Karan called anyone to help Preeta. She tauntingly says to him that if he is this much worried for Preeta then he should help her. He says to her that he just knows Goons not Lawyers. She slaps him saying she want to hire Goons to kill him and says she saw love in his eyes for Preeta and says to him that he is Akshay’s murderer.

ACP Vijay says to Constable that he suspects Preeta but something is missing. Kritika visits Police station to meet Preeta. Prithvi says to Sherlyn that he is not Akshay’s murderer. She says to him that she knows the truth because Preeta and Kritika can’t kill Akshay. She says to him that he would have learnt that Akshay misbehaved with Preeta so in anger he murdered him. Mahira sees Karan thinks she succeeded in her plan.

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