Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 14 April 2021 Written – Mahira frames Preeta for Akshay’s murder

Sherlyn blames Prithvi for Akshay’s muder by saying that he would have learnt that Akshay misbehaved with Preeta so in anger he killed him. He gets annyoyed and says to her that her mind is not working. She says to him that when he got to know that Akshay was blackmailing Kritika he decided to kill Akshay but she stopped him and told him to become Kritika’s hero then he changed his mind. He yells at her saying that he didn’t kill Akshay and says to her that he is not understanding that how to prove his innocence to her.

Sherlyn says to Prithvi that he can’t change the truth by yelling at her and also she saw when he throw his clothes out of the window and that clothes had blood. He says to her that that was ketchup not blood. She asks him to stop lying to her and tells him to stay away from Preeta and this case because if Police suspect him then he will be behind the bars. He promises on her saying he didn’t kill Akshay. But she refuse to believe him and leaves the room.

Kritika meets Preeta. Preeta cries saying Karan is angry on her. Kritika tells her to think about herself first. Preeta says to her that Karan is upset with her because she hided the truth from him and regrets for not telling the truth him and asks her that does Karan said anything to her. Kritika says to her that they should tell everything to Karan to solve this problem. Preeta says to her that she just hided the photos and video’s matter and she doesn’t want to reveal about it to anyone and even if they reveals also it won’t change anything. Kritika blames herself for Preeta’s condition and apologize to her. Preeta says to her that it was not their mistake and asks does Sarla knows about her arrest.

Srishti asks ACP Vijay that why they arrested Preeta. He says to her that they suspect Preeta in Akshay’s murder case that’s why. Sarla says to him that Preeta is innocent and he arrested the wrong person. Srishti asks him to do his job properly. Sarla goes to meet Preeta. ACP Vijay informs Srishti that they have proof and witness against Preeta which they will submit in the court.

Sarla hears Kritika and Preeta’s conversation and asks Kritika that what happened. Preeta says to Sarla that she didn’t told anyone that she met Akshay and reveals what all happened in the hotel room. Sarla says to her that she knows that Preeta didn’t kill anyone and asks about Karan. Preeta tells Kritika to go to house. Sarla decides to question the Luthra’s and informs her decision to Preeta. Preeta asks Srishti to stop Sarla.

Mahira celebrates her victory and informs about her challenge to Sherlyn. Sherlyn says to her that Mahira did nothing and it was coincidence that Police arrested Preeta today. Mahira says to her that maybe she did something that’s why Police arrested Preeta. Sherlyn asks her to tell the truth because she is suspecting Prithvi. Mahira says to her that she didn’t kill Akshay but she suspects Karan. Sherlyn thinks Karan, Prithvi and Mahira have reason to kill Akshay and wonders who would have killed him.

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