Naagin Season 6 Episode 23 Written Updates 30 April 2022 – Seema vs Pratha – The battle begins

Pratha took out the poisonous dart from Rishabh’s neck after which she sucked out all the poison from his neck. Rishabh wakes up and he asked Pratha about who attacked him. Pratha responds don’t think too much and take rest. Ritesh came in Reem’s room and he told her that you were right Pratha came back for Rishabh. Flashback shown – Reem told Ritesh that he needs to marry her because Rishabh has left her and now Pratha will also come back for Rishabh – Flashback ended.  Ritesh tells Reem that now we will join forces and we will separate Pratha & Rishabh from each other.

Everyone was having breakfast at the table and Reem & Samaira started serving sweets to everyone as part of the family tradition. Reem tells Pratha that we should start afresh after which Pratha feeds sweets to Reem.  Rihaan says that he is going to honeymoon with Samaira and Urvashi says that Reem & Ritesh will also go for honeymoon. Seema says no three couples will go as she has booked hotel tickets for the honeymoon of Rishabh & Pratha as well. Mahek tells Pratha that I am very happy for you because you finally got your love but still you need to be focused on finding the Maha Asur.

Pratha, Rishabh, Reem, Rihaan, Ritesh, and Samaira were going for their honeymoon and in the middle of the road Rishabh almost got bumped to a truck. Pratha gets concerned about Rishabh. Rihaan tells Samaira that all the boys are in love with Pratha bhabhi including Rishabh, Ritesh, and even Yash. Samaira says that Pratha bhabhi warned me about your behaviour with other girls and if I found out any truth in it then I won’t spare you.

Reem enters her bedroom and she tells Ritesh that the room next to theirs is of Rishabh & Pratha as both the rooms are interconnected and she took this room intentionally so that they can make sure any physical relation won’t take place between Pratha & Rishabh. Pratha gets scared seeing a lizard and Rishabh makes fun of her. He tells her that I’m going to medical shop to take the important thing. Pratha says do you even have any shame? Rishabh says I am going to take medicine for headache and what’s in it to be ashamed about? Rishabh finally understands what she meant and he tells her that we can have that programme as well. He tells Pratha that he is going to the shop near the mountains and there is a tea seller who sells a special kind of tea which he will brought for her.

Rishabh went to the medical shop but there was no medical shop on the road. He got attacked from behind on the back of his head by a rod. The person in the veil who attacked Rishabh started running and Pratha started chasing the person. The person fell down but then that person attacked Pratha’s arms with a knife and she started bleeding. Pratha comes in her Naagin form and she shakes the ground after which the veil of the attacker gets removed and it was Seema. Pratha gets shocked seeing Seema as the attacker.

Pratha asks Seema you and she says yes its me. Seema tells Pratha that she knew that she is a Naagin. She further says I was playing Saas Bahu game with you. Seema tells Pratha that for the first time a Maha Asur and a Naagin are in front of each other. She finally confirms that she is the Maha Asur. She informs Pratha that all the Asurs she killed till now were her puppets and they were just chillar. She also says that her husband Lalit Gujral is her puppet and she herself is the whole game. Seema laughs at Pratha telling her that you think you are a angel by killing some chunter punter asurs. She says if you are zehar zehar then I am kehar kehar. Seema gloats saying I killed the saviour of this country Rishabh. She went on to remove the mangalsutra of Pratha and Pratha says don’t even think about it otherwise I will kill you. Pratha says my husband is alive. Flashback shown – Mehak saved Rishabh from falling. Flashback ended.

Pratha says I knew that you are maha asur but I wanted to catch you red-handed. Pratha asks why do you want to kill your own son? Seema says first tell me, why you want to live a married life being a Naagin? Seema says even if you tell Rishabh the truth then he won’t trust you because I am his mother and he has blind trust on me. She further says that if you killed me now then you won’t be able to find the rest of the asurs. Pratha says no Sasu maa I won’t kill you right now because you need to live long and I will stay with you like a shadow as now nobody will be able to break this Saas Bahu duo.

Pratha brought Rishabh back home. Urvashi asks Ritesh how did you came so early. Ritesh responds because Rishabh had an accident. Seema started doing acting and says I feel bad because my son had faced an accident. Pratha asks why are you feeling bad mummy ji because your son is alright and came back home also you are a mother and nobody can take care of him better then you. Rishabh says I don’t know who attacked me. Seema says leave it because my son came back well and there is nothing bigger then this for me. Pratha says but mummy ji what kind of bad people are there in the world especially traitors but now I am with Rishabh and I will protect him. Seema says you go to your bedroom and I will send food soon.

Pratha wonders what is going to be Sasu maa’s next step. Pratha puts bandage on Rishabh’s body and then she went to bring food for him. Seema mixed poison in Rishabh’s halwa and Pratha saw her mixing the poison. Rishabh came and Seema gave him halwa to eat. Pratha stopped Rishabh from eating and she says there is poison in it. Pratha blamed Seema in front of Rishabh saying she mixed the poison in halwa. Seema eats the halwa herself and says there is no poison in it otherwise I would have died. Seema started doing acting by crying. Rishabh tells Pratha that she is my mother and she cannot kill me even in her dream, look how much upset she got. Pratha says yes of course. Rishabh leaves from there. Seema cleared her fake tears and tells Pratha that when I will feed him poison then he will be unaware about it. She says I will feed him some kind of poison everyday and you won’t be able to do anything so now leave and do whatever you want.

Pratha was reading the Sheesh Naag book with Mahek and she says that the photo in this book is of asur vansh Kalkeya and it was present back in year 2000. Pratha says but Seema is looking young in this photo and it seems my past is connected with this mystery. On the other side Seema says that Sheesh Naagin won’t be able to find out that this story is about a crore years old. Pratha says but if its truly Seema then how is she alive for so many years and in reality who is she? Pratha says if this book is of year 1902 or year 1942 then by that means Seema’s age should have been about 150 or 130 years. Mahek says if in this photo she is 20 years old about 70 years back then she should have been about 90 now but she doesn’t look like that so what’s the mystery behind her, what’s her relation with this photograph in the book and also what’s her mission.

Seema says she won’t be able to find out about my mission as its a planning since centuries, she thinks I want Naag Mani but she doesn’t know I want something else and she won’t be able to find out about what I am looking for and the chaos that is happening, why is it happening and why I became maha asur? Seema started laughing like a villain and Lalit asks her did you tried to kill Rishabh?

Pratha tells Mahek that the question is di, why does she want to kill her own son and there is something which we are not seeing but I will definitely solve this mystery.

Lalit started behaving like a child and says you are a dirty aunty because you tried to kill your own son. Seema slapped Lalit and tells him to shut up otherwise someone will come here. Seema tells him not to do this memory loss drama in front of me as I kept you in this state in order to save your life. Seema tells Lalit that you are flirting with girls but I don’t care because you know it very well, for what purpose I married you. Lalit begs in front of her to not to kill Rishabh. Seema says I told you to do the acting of a young guy but you are just flirting with girls, you don’t know anything because you are a fool but look at me and my swag with which I am playing this role and I made a fool like you from a hunter to a punter player. Seema says the reality is you are a fool and you don’t know what to do at what time. Lalit says no matter what I won’t let anyone kill my son. Seema says ok I won’t kill him but if your son came in between then. Lalit says what kind of a mother you are.

Pratha tells Mahek that now we need to find the whole story of this mother. Lalit says Seema he is our son and Seema says shut up, we don’t have any kids, no attachment, we have only our goal in front of us, goal. Pratha says what’s her goal, what is it, I will bring her truth in front of everyone. Mahek sees a picture in the Sheesh Naag book and she tells Pratha that I saw this picture in the Naag mehal but I don’t remember where is it located in the Naag Mehal. Pratha says we need to solve this mystery and she tells Mahek that Seema goes to temple every Thursday but she is damn sure that she goes somewhere else, they need to stop her from going to temple because they will find all the answers there. Seema says tomorrow is Thursday and tomorrow I will accomplish my mission by killing Rishabh and that Sheesh Naagin won’t be able to find anything.

Next morning Seema was going to temple and Pratha apologized to her for yesterday’s behaviour. She says I want to go to temple with you because I want to apologize to you in front of the God by touching your feet. Seema says I will go alone like every year. Pratha says no mummy ji I want that me and Rishabh ji to accompany you to the temple and I want Rishabh ji to get the blessings. She asked Seema which temple you are going to? Seema says Bhairav Baba temple but I go there alone so leave it. Pratha insists again saying we will join you today. Rishabh says you go to temple every Thursday mom but I never asked you to accompany you. Seema says I know but you stay very busy in your work.

Rishabh received a phone call from chief and chief tells him that the people who attacked him in the jewellery shop were not the normal robbers as they knew you were coming there. He further informs Rishabh that a big traitor has gotten activated and the traitor knows that you are finding that person that’s why that person is attacking you. Rishabh says not to worry chief I will take care of it.

Seema asks Rishabh what happened son? Rishabh says nothing its just that the people who attacked me they don’t know that my mother’s blessings are with me so nothing can happen to me. Seema says yes my son my blessings are with you and will always remain with you. She tells him that I always pray to God that whatever I have envisioned for you, you will get all of that. Pratha says what kind of blessing is this mummy ji as mother always want good for her son so give a blessing that whatever you envisioned for Rishabh ji, you will get all of that because whatever he does is for you.

Seema took Pratha to Balaji temple and Pratha gets shocked seeing Lord Gaurda idol at the temple. Pratha tells Rishabh to go inside and she will come after getting flowers for Puja. Seema thinks that you can’t enter this temple Pratha because Garud Dev rules in this temple and no Naagin can enter this temple. Rishabh and Seema went inside the temple.

Mahek asks Pratha, what happened? Pratha says di we can’t enter inside this temple? Mahek asks why? Pratha says because Lord Garuda is the vaahan of Lord Balaji and Naag Naagins had animosity with Garuds since years so we can’t enter inside. Pratha informs Mahek that Seema tricked them by lying to them that she is going to Bhairav baba temple because she knows I can’t enter this temple and now she will attack Rishabh inside the temple. Pratha says I need to protect Rishabh ji at any cost.

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