Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 18 June 2021 Written – Tarana beats Angel with a whip

Mahi asks Preeto if she doesn’t think that Soumya is doing wrong and says Harman ji and this house are mine, and you people can’t throw me out from here. Preeto says the woman said, who has done deal of her daughter to get her husband. Harman you’re your sins has reached so much that Soumya has to take Tarana’s avatar and asks her to think what Soumya will with them for doing wrong with her family. Daljeet asks Harman to leave him. Harman asks him to be quiet and says I am more angry than Soumya and before can reach you, I will kill you. He pushes him down. Soumya also pushes Angel on the floor.

Preeto tells Mahi that she has already warned her that hell is waiting for you. She asks Soumya to become Tarana and show her shakti to Angel, so that her soul gets shaken up, says your all family is with you. Simran says your whole family is with you and asks her to teach a lesson to Angel. Shakti song plays….A kinnar brings the whip. Tarana takes whip in her hand. Angel gets scared. Tarana walks towards Angel and says we were suffering your torture so you thought we are weak. She says this was our humanity that we left you alive, but today I will punish him for all your tortures and for staining kinnar community. She says I will beat you with this whip, until you tell me where is Heer? She beats Angel with whip.

Angel asks have you gone mad, says you are Harman’s Gulabo, like a flower. Tarana continues to beat her. Daljeet asks Mahi to save her. Mahi asks Preeto to stop Tarana. Preeto asks Mahi to stand quietly and save her skin, else she will also get hit by the whip. Angel asks Tarana to stop and tells that she will tell her, where is Heer? She falls on Tarana’s feet and says I will tell you everything. Harman asks her to tell where is Heer?

Heer is shown captive somewhere and is unconscious. Virat looks at Heer’s poster and sticks to his room. Parmeet and Sant Baksh come there and see Heer’s posters on the wall. Virat looks at Heer’s posters. Parmeet asks what is all this? Virat says if we love something with much intensity then God brings that thing or person infront of us. He says I want my Heer and my life back. Parmeet asks what about our love for you and says your Papa loves you so much and brought the file which you wanted to see.

Sant Baksh says we want your happiness and that’s why I brought your file. Virat asks him to stop it and says today your son is standing infront of you because of her. He says Soumya ji was right about you, but I didn’t believe her. He says you people likes your fake respect and pride, rather than son’s happiness. He says I can’t trust you anymore, I am going to bring Heer and will come home after finding her. Sant Baksh gets upset.

Angel says I will tell and I have seen your shakti. Daljeet says if you tell Heer’s address to them then they will not leave us alive. Angel asks him to take the whip. Angel asks her to bring water. Preeto asks Soumya to make her drink water and says if she dies then your hands will get dirty with her blood, then how our Heer’s address will be known. Soumya asks Angel to go and get the water from the table and drink water.

Angel gets up and asks Soumya if Chandi came in her. She looks at the dining table and looks evilly while walking towards there. She takes water jug and throws towards Soumya and others. She then breaks the crockery and other items. Mahi and Daljeet run from there. Angel throws all the utensils on them to block their way. She then hits something with fruits. Daljeet smiles.

Soumya tries to go to her, but slips. Simran holds her. Angel and Daljeet run out. Daljeet asks Angel to call Mahi, their trump card. Angel asks Mahi to come with them and they run. Preeto says now how Heer will be found. They come out of the house.

Angel says my bones are paining, that Chandi beat me so much, I will not leave her family. She asks Mahi if she wants Heer then do as I say. Mahi asks what? Angel asks Mahi to file harassment case on Harman, then he will mend his ways. Mahi says I am ready, I never thought that they will do this with me. Angel says we will do, what they couldn’t think even in their dreams. She says they even broke my phone and asks Daljeet to tell their goons to be alert, who is with Heer. Mahi says nothing shall happen to my Heer. Angel says Heer will be fine until you are with us, else she will be dead.

Mahi says nothing shall happen to my daughter and husband, I don’t have anything to do with others. She says I will not divorce Harman, so nobody can get her. Daljeet asks Angel and Mahi to go to PS and says he will go to Heer. Virat says I never thought even in my dreams that my brother will become my enemy.

Heer gains consciousness in the captive place and takes Virat’s name. In the morning, Mahi and Angel come to Harak Singh’s house. Preeto opens the door. Angel calls Police. Preeto pretends to have woken up just then and asks Mahi when did you wake up and asks what Police is doing with her. Angel says this is her drama and asks Inspector to see how much they have beaten her. She says Soumya is still in the house. Preeto says we were sleeping, she left in the morning. She says my bahu has a misunderstanding. Mahi asks Inspector to come inside and see the house all messed up. Inspector says ok. They walk inside.

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