MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 11 Written Updates 30 April 2022 – Crossword Puzzle Task, Sand Dunk immunity task Results both Stage 1 & Stage 2

Kavya was crying because Gaurav left and Baseer reads letter left by Moose & Gaurav in which Gaurav wrote Baseer you are enough. Kevin was happy because his team was ahead and now removing Baseer is going to be easy for him. Soundous tells Kevin to tell her about his plans next time before the vote out begins. Kevin tells Sidharth that you are playing your game very right as you made your connections on both the sides and you strategy with Simi is going good. Baseer says that nobody is his friend here anymore as he only has his buddy pair and others are his competitors.

Roadies received a message on their Infinix Zero 5G Smartphones and Baseer reads it. The message reads, Good morning roadies the mystery of this morning has its answers hidden in the slippery sand but before finding the answers you need to get ready in one hour after which you all need to solve a problem. Whoever manages to ride along with time, will find their next task location and whoever fails will lose their roadiums.

All the roadies got ready in a hurry and then they got their second message of the day. Nandini reads the message and it reads, Hello roadies your time to get ready is up so now solve this leverage edu puzzle and move forward to your task location.

All the buddy pairs started solving a crossword puzzle to get an advantage in the next task

The questions in the crossword puzzle were as follows with their puzzle patterns :

1. Your partner in roadies (Down)

Answer – Buddy

2. The only currency that matters (Down)

Answer – Roadiums

3. Use me to secure your head while riding your bike (Down)

Answer – Helmet

4. Its not about the destination but about the (Across)

Answer – Journey

5. The Rainbow Nation (Down)

Answer – South Africa

6. Use me to ski on sandy terrains (Across)

Answer – Sand board

7. I have N.E.W.S. on me but I am not a TV (Across)

Answer – Compass

7. On this journey this is what you call home (Down)

Answer – Camp

8. Thrills but kills (Down)

Answer – Speed

9. I give you directions but I am not a tour guide

Answer – Map

Below is the order in which all the buddy pairs solved the crossword puzzle :

  • Baseer and Jashwanth solved the crossword puzzle first
  • Sidharth and Kavya solved the crossword puzzle second
  • Arsh and Arushi solved the crossword puzzle third
  • Kevin and Soundous solved the crossword puzzle fourth
  • Sohil and Simi solved the crossword puzzle fifth
  • Ashish and Sakshi solved the crossword puzzle sixth
  • Yukti and Nandini solved the crossword puzzle seventh

Roadies reached their next task location and Baseer said that he learned a lesson never to trust anyone. Baseer had an argument with Kevin and Arushi. Baseer reminds Arushi that she got the immunity because of him.

Sonu Sood announced that today all of you will do sand surfing. Baseer and Jashwanth got an advantage for solving the crossword puzzle first as the task was going to take place in two stages and they didn’t need to perform in stage 1 as they directly entered stage 2. Rest of the 6 buddy pairs will select their opponent in the order in which they solved the puzzle.

Sand Dunk Task Details :

Stage 1 – Each buddy pair will get two tries and in those tries they need to collect most of the flags while doing Sand Surfing. Whichever pair will win will reach the second stage

Stage 2 – In the second stage remaining buddy pairs will play Basketball with a twist. Buddy pairs won’t dribble the ball as they need to only pass and they will get stopped by the rest of the buddy pairs as defenders and those defenders cannot go out of their restricted areas.

Yukti had a sprain in her ankle and she forfeited her chance as she refused to give 1000 roadiums in return of Nandini taking both the tries.

Sand Dunk Task Results (Stage 1 – Sand Boarding ) :

1. Soundous and Kevin vs Simi and Sohil :

  • Simi Talsania grabbed 3 flags
  • Soundous Moufakir gets disqualified
  • Kevin Almasifar grabbed 6 flags
  • Sidharth Manoj grabbed 3 flags
  • Final Score – 6-6 – Tie

Both Teams went to next stage

2. Ashish and Sakshi vs Arushi and Arsh

  • Sakshi grabbed 5 flags
  • Arushi grabbed 4 flags
  • Ashish gets disqualified
  • Arsh grabbed 3 flags
  • Final Score – 5-7

Arsh and Arushi went to next stage

3. Nandini and Yukti vs Kavya and Sidharth

  • Nandini grabbed 4 flags
  • Sidharth grabbed 6 flags
  • Kavya gets disqualified
  • Yukti forfeited
  • Final Score – 4-6

Kavya and Sidharth went to next stage

Sand Dunk Task Results (Stage 2 – Basketball ) :

  • Sidharth and Kavya scored 2 points – 57 seconds
  • Baseer and Jashwanth scored 2 points – 47 seconds
  • Kevin and Soundous scored 0 points
  • Simi and Sohil scored 0 points
  • Arsh and Arushi scored 0 points

Baseer and Jashwanth wins the immunity in Sand Dunk task

After the Sand Dunk task all the roadies went to the Wild Farm camp side. Baseer told Kevin that he was informed that Kevin was planning with his team that we will go aggressive on Baseer and easy on the rest of the contestants during the Sand Dunk task. Kevin confronted his team about it and there was pin drop silence. Kavya asked who is the next target. Baseer started laughing hearing Kavya’s query and Yukti was scared about the next vote out.

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