Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 7 October 2020 Episode – Pragya prays and Prachi regains consciousness

Alia makes a phone call to Rhea and Rhea picks up the phone. Alia asks where are you? Rhea says she met an accident. Alia asks how? Rhea says because she was doing rash driving as she got zoned out thinking about those two. Alia asks Who? Rhea recalls about what Pragya and Sarita behan says to her in hospital then she tells Alia that I was thinking about Prachi and her mom. Rhea tells Alia that Prachi’s mom slaapped me in anger and Alia says how dare Pragya slapped you. Rhea says Buji why you spoke my mom’s name.

Ranbir comes to Pragya and asks her did truck driver told you about who planned Prachi’s accident? Sarita behan was about to say the truth but Pragya stopped her and says no he did not told me anything. Senior doctor came and he tells Pragya that chances of Prachi regaining consciousness are very low so you should pray to God as now only God can save her.

Alia tells Rhea that I was thinking about Prachi’s mom and your mom as well and thats why I spoke Pragya’s name. Alia tells her that both of them are bad but Rhea says no I like Prachi’s mom. Alia tells Rhea to destroy all the evidence at Prachi’s house after which she will send her out of town and will talk to a lawyer to save her. Prachi sits in her car saying that I can’t tolerate Prachi’s mom hating me.

Pragya went to Sherawali Mata temple in the hospital and she says that she has come to fight for her daughter and if she loses today then two mothers will lose. Pragya says that now she will ring the bell in the temple until Prachi regains consciousness. Pragya starts ringing bell in the temple and Sarita behan too joins her later. Blood was coming out of Pragya’s hand as she was ringing the bell. Prachi finally regains consciousness. Doctor tells Ranbir about it and he went to see her in the room. Ranbir gets emotional in front of Prachi and says to her that he doesn’t want to lose her.



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