Naagin Season 6 Episode 21 Written Updates 23 April 2022 – Pratha to get married with Sheesh Naag Yash

Pratha hesitates to shoot her father with the bow. He says I knew you cannot kill me. She started crying. He says if you are Sheesh Naagin then I’m your father and you cannot kill me. Mahek prays to Lord Ram to come and kill the Raavan. A bow which was lying on the ground, started burning with the lightening and then due to wind it got hit in Pratha’s father’s heart.

Pratha tells her father that today she has killed her Raavan. She says I will sing a lullaby for you and then you will sleep after which mother will take you away. Pratha sings the lullaby for her father after which her mother soul came and he died. Both Pratha & Mahek cried and Pratha says we became orphan again di.

Gujral family wished happy Baisakhi to each other. Radha asks where are your Guruji Pratha. Mahek says he got alright and that’s why he left. Rishabh asks Pratha that’s why you are upset. Pratha says he was like my father. Seema says you can call him here to stay for some days. Urvashi came at Gujral house with proposal for Yash’s marriage with Reem.

Reem tries to stop Urvashi and she tells her that Rishabh doesn’t leave Pratha for you and if he loves you then he will stop the marriage. Yash rejects Urvashi’s marriage proposal by saying that he is in a committed relationship since his childhood. Radha says lets do preparations for Rihaan and Samaira’s marriage.

Pratha tells Yash that you should have told about your marriage commitment politely. He tells Pratha that he came to take her because his marriage with her got finalized in his childhood. Reem asks Rishabh why didn’t you stopped my mom and he says I don’t know.

Pratha slapped Yash and he says I grabbed you that day because you are my to be wife. Pratha says shut up and don’t come near me. Yash says its the destiny and you are mine and you will be mine. Pratha tells Yash that I am Sheesh Naagin and then she came in her Naagin form in front of him. Yash came in his Sheesh Naag form in front of Pratha.

Pratha had a childhood memory in which her mother told her that Sheesh Naagin has to marry Sheesh Naag when she turns 21. Yash tells Pratha that now the time has come for you to go with me and till the time you won’t marry me, you won’t be able to see the faces of the rest of asurs. He further tells her that you have to break all your relations with Rishabh now and if you didn’t say then I will say it after which things will get ugly.

Rishabh came in Yash’s room and he says I want to talk to Pratha. Yash says she did not came here. Pratha feels sad thinking about Yash’s words and Rishabh tells her that mom wants you to do the preparations for Rihaan & Samaira mehandi. Maherk asks Pratha what happened.

Pratha tells Mahek I have selected whom I want and now I won’t select anyone else. Rishabh tells Pratha to join the mehandi ceremony. Anya tells the ladies at ceremony to write R on Pratha’s hand with mehandi.

Yash came with dhol and band after which he started dancing on Mehandi Laga Ke Rakhna. He says he is going to make a big announcement today and its quite shocking. Yash grabbed Pratha’s hand and he says that him & Pratha loves each other a lot. He further says that Pratha is the girl to which he got committed for marriage.

Seema says shut up and how dare you say this. Yash says Rishabh married Pratha by fraud and now the time has come to free Pratha from this marriage and to let her live the life she wants to live. Rishabh asks Pratha, is this all true and Pratha responds yes I love him. Seema tells Pratha that you have spoilt our reputation and you won’t stay in this house anymore so get out.

Seema was going to throw Pratha out of the house and Rishabh stopped her. He says that now is the time to make the wrong right because he married Pratha thinking she is a criminal. Seema tells Pratha that I will get you married to Yash and I will do the Kanyadaan. Pratha feels sad.

Pratha prays to Lord Shiva saying that she is in true love with Rishabh and how can she break such a pure relation. Mahek came there and tells Pratha that its her destiny as Sheesh Naagin has to marry Sheesh Naag and she has only 24 hours for it because she will learn about the rest of the asurs only by marrying Sheesh Naag. Pratha tells Mahek that I am already married. Mahek also tells Pratha that you are not made for love as your mission is something else.

Urvashi tells Seema that I am sure Rishabh will get a better girl then Pratha. Mahek tries to tell Samaira that Rihaan destroyed the life of a girl and she says I don’t want to listen anything because you are just a bloody security in charge and I will only marry Rihaan.

Pratha in her room was feeling sad thinking about the past moments with Rishabh and what Yash (Sheesh Naag) said to her. Rishabh tells Anya that he will help Pratha in getting ready for the wedding. Pratha tries to talk to Rishabh but he tells her to keep quiet. He tells her that he married her forcefully so now its his responsibility to get her married with her love and he will help her in getting ready. Rishabh helped Pratha in getting dressed up for her marriage with Yash.

Rishabh tries to take off Pratha’s mangalsutra but she tried to stop him after which he forcefully snatches it from her neck and throws it down. She grabbed all the pieces of it from the floor and went out with Rishabh.

Rishabh brought Pratha downstairs and Hum Bewafa Hargiz Na The was playing in the background. Yash tells Seema that our marriage happens only at Kuldev temple and Mahek tells Seema that she will take Pratha to the temple. Pratha and Rishabh had an eye contact one final time before Pratha left for her marriage.

Rishabh, Pratha, and Mahek reached the temple. Mahek tells Pratha that time has come for your marriage so you need to give your hand in Sheesh Naag’s hand.

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