MasterChef India Episode 17 January 2023 Written Updates – Immunity Pin Challenge Round 2 Details with Winner Name

MasterChef India Season 7 Episode 12 on Tuesday, 17 January 2023 has already been aired on Sony TV and we saw the 2nd round of immunity pin challenge taking place between 8 home cooks. All the cooks made dishes after picking the ingredients from four levels of a Pyramid. At the end of the episode, chef’s announced the results and one contestant won the immunity pin.

MasterChef India Season 7 Immunity Pin 2nd Challenge All 4 Pyramid Levels, Dishes Names, and Result – Full Details :

Ranveer Brar announced that by winning todays challenge one home cook can earn the biggest Brahmastra of MasterChef India i.e. immunity pin and it can be used at any point in the show before semi-final. Garima Arora introduced a pyramid and she told contestants that it has four levels and each level contains secret ingredients after which all the levels of Pyramid got revealed :

  • Level 1 contains Herbs, Spices, and Seeds
  • Level 2 contains Fruits and Non Vegetarian Proteins
  • Level 3 contains Vegetable Proteins, Nuts, and Vegetables
  • Level 4 contains Grains, Cereals, and Sweeteners

Contestants have to choose the ingredients by shaking the boxes and listening their voice. All the home cooks started picking their levels by listening to the sounds of ingredients kept inside a box and they picked the following levels of ingredients :

  • Suvarna Bagul picked level 1
  • Vineet Yadav picked 1
  • Gurkirat Singh picked level 2
  • Kamal Deep picked level 2
  • Santa Sarmah picked level 3
  • Priyanka Kundu Biswas picked level 3
  • Aruna Vijay picked level 4
  • Nayanjyoti Saikia picked lavel 4

Contestants of each level will get 1 minute per level to pick their ingredients. Amul Pantry, Pushp Masalas Pantry, and Fortune Pantry will remain close for todays challenge but support Pantry will remain open. All the contestants got a time limit of 60 minutes to cook their dish.

All the home cooks started cooking their dishes with their picked level of ingredients and while contestants were cooking, they were told to stop their gas stoves. Home cooks were told to change their sides on their platforms (Left to Right and Right to Left) and then they were told to cook the dish in front of them.

Most of the cooks looked very confused and Aruna Vijay appeared very disappointed because Nayanjyoti didn’t picked any extra ingredients. Finally the time limit got up and all the home cooks were told to step back from their cooking platforms.

Finally the time came for tasting and all the home cooks of each level starting serving their dishes to chef’s in pairs :

  1. Suvarna Bagul served her dish and Ranveer Brar said that presentation is good but some things in her plate doesn’t make sense. Vineet misinformed Suvarna about the curd and she received a lot of scolding from Garima Arora. Suvarana felt bad because she received bashing due to Vineet’s mistake.
  2. Vineet Yadav made a Haryali Pasta with a creamy sauce. All three chef’s tasted his dish and Ranveer Brar said that the thickness & colour of Pasta is very good but it tastes bitter.
  3. Gurkirat Singh made a dish called Tropical Delight and its elements didn’t got freezed. Garima Arora tells him that its very important for a chef to taste his food.
  4. Kamal Deep served her dish and Vikas Khanna said that he appreciates her effort. Garima Arora tells her that she didn’t made most out of the time limit
  5. Priyanka Kundu Biswas served her dish and all three chef’s tasted her dish. Vikas Khanna said that the balance of her dish is just amazing. Garima Arora said that the flavours are very satisfying.
  6. Santa Sarmah served a Butternut Squash Tart to the chef’s and then they made her taste her own dish. Ranveer Brar said that its one of the best dish till now in terms of taste.
  7. Nayanjyoti Saikia served his dish and Vikas Khanna said that the effort was missing in his dish. Ranveer Brar said that his dish was missing Nayanjyoti’s stamp.
  8. Aruna Vijay puts her dish in front of chef’s for tasting and Garima Arora praised her presentation. Ranveer Brar said that she understood the exact meaning of this challenge and he tells her Swad Aagya after tasting it. Vikas Khanna loved the small texture on her dish.

Finally chef’s started announcing the results of the immunity pin challenge and Garima Arora said that they loved two dishes today out of the 8 and they were made by Santa Sarmah & Aruna Vijay.

Aruna Vijay wins the immunity pin. 

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