Dance Deewane Juniors Episode 1 Written Updates 23 April 2022 – Karan Kundrra turns Dilbar Baba, Tiger Shroff danced with Nora Fatehi on Dance Meri Rani

Neetu Kapoor, Marzi Pestonji, and Nora Fatehi were on the judges desk and Neetu says its the first time she is judging a show. Nora says that juniors are her weakness.

First Contestant – Akaisha – Age 7 Years – Nora says that Akaisha has performed with her in many shows in the past and she told her to make her proud. Akaisha gave a free style hip hop mixed with Afro dance performance on Kamariya song and Nora was enjoying her performance a lot. Nora gave her some kind of trophy after the dance performance. She said that she is very happy because Akaisha made her proud because she has put the stage on fire. Neetu says that she thinks Akaisha has done even better then Nora. Marzi says that he thinks Akaisha is a little Nora. Akaisha says that she wants to become an actress like Nora.

Neetu requested Nora that she wants to dance wth her on Naach Meri Rani and Marzi will shoot the video. Finally Neetu Ji and Nora danced on Naach Meri Rani. Finally Akaisha left and Nora says I will meet you in the next round.

Nora and Neetu made fun of Marzi by calling him Marzi uncle and even audience started chanting Marzi uncle.

Second Dance Group – Wings of Passion – Age – 9 Yrs – 14 Yrs – Wings of Passion danced on Krazzy Kiya Re. Nora was rooting a lot while they were performing. Crowd chanted once more after their dance. Nora says she loved their dance, attitude, swag, and sexiness in between. Nora says she is very happy and she wants to see them go next round. All three of them pressed buzzer and they got a place in the next round.

Finally Karan Kundrra came on the stage and he introduced himself as host to Nora, Marzi, and Neetu. He says next contestant is going to be Punjabi and Dancing taa sajdi je nache chhoti guriya.

Third Contestant – MD Raish – Age – 12 Yrs – MD Raish danced on Why this Kolavari Di song and Psycho Re. Neetu Ji says that she did not managed to see half of his act because he was so good and then she pressed the play button. Nora fatehi says that this is hardcore dance and she pressed the play button saying Pra Pra Pra. Marzi also loved his dance and Nora says he has quality of Bollywood actors like Govinda sir.

Nora went outside in the hall and all the kids danced with her on Naach Meri Rani song.

Karan Kundrra becomes Dilbar Baba and kids came. He says Dilbar Baba Ki Yo. Karan had a funny conversation with the kids as he advices them about how to impress judges on stage.

A girl came on stage and she was holding an apple in her hands. She was balancing a lemon in a spoon in her mouth. Marzi went on stage to help her and girl refused to give her the apple and lemon. Finally a crew member took it off from her. Girl tells Marzi that Dilbar Baba told her to do all this and only then she will get selected.

Fourth Contestant – Riddhi – Age – 6 Years – Riddhi gave a dance performance on Chhuk Chhuk song. Nora, Marzi, and Neetu Ji pressed the play button as soon as her performance got over. Marzi lifts her in his arms. Marzi says that he liked Riddhi’s dance, style, and her attitude. Nora says she is a firecracker. Neetu Ji says that her daughter name in Ridhima so she has a connection with Riddhi. Marzi, Neetu Ji, Nora, Riddhi, and Karan Kundrra danced on Chhuk Chhuk song together.

Next contestant camAll Postse with her hands bahind her back as Dilbar Baba told her to do so.

Fifth Contestant – Aiman – Age – 6 Yrs – Aiman danced on Sunn Raha Hai female version. Nora and Neetu Ji pressed the play buzzer as soon as her performance ended. Her grandfather started crying after her performance and he hugged her granddaughter. She was calling her grandfather Nana Pappa and she says she calls him this because its the best name. His grandfather says that her father got divorced with her mother. Finally Marzi pressed the buzzer for Aiman.

Some kids contronted Dilbar Baba and they asked him for Pizza, Ice Cream, Chocolates. He says I haven’t opened a restaurant. Kids finally catches Karan and he ran away.

Tiger Shroff and Tara Sutaria came to promote their upcoming film Heropanti 2. Tiger says he is sure that Dance Deewane Juniors will be a very hardcore show and it will get good trps.

Sixth Dance Group – PATJA – Age – 7 Yrs – 13 Yrs – Members – Anshika, Pari, Anish, Tejas Jidnyasa – It was a group of some of the contestants from previous kids reality shows as they assembled together after their failures in previous shows to win the Dance Deewane Juniors trophy. The kids danced on Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. All three judges pressed the play button during their performance. Nora says their performance was outstanding and she hugged them all. Tiger told them that they should change their group name from PATJA to ALL Stars.  A dance battle happened between ALL Stars Dance Group vs Tiger Shroff on Jai Jai Shivshankar song. Marzi tells Nora Fatehi to go and dance with Tiger on stage. Tiger and Nora danced on Dus Bahane. Nora says she wants to dance on Dance Meri Rani with tiger. Finally Tiger and Nora danced on Dance Meri Rani.

Seventh Contestant – Aditya – Age – 8 Yrs – Aditya started dancing on Kurbaan Hua song.

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