MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 4 Written Updates 15 April 2022 – Zipline Task Results with Timings, Sapna and Angad gets eliminated

All the roadies went to the survival task location which was in Tsitsikamma which is also known as the Garden of the famous Garden route. Sonu Sood welcomes the roadies there and he informed roadies that Tsitsikamma zipline is the longest zipline in the world as it has 8 routes and has a zipline distance of 5 KM and this survival task is going to be called Infinix Zero 5G Walk the Zipline.

Sonu Sood says that task will happen in two teams but to select the team there is a process as whichever team reaches him first wearing the big complicated planks with ropes will get the chance to choose the team first.

Sapna Malik and Angad Bawa wins the complicated planks coordination task and they got to select the team first.

Walk the Zipline Survival Task Teams :

Team Sapna and Angad :

  • Kevin and Soundous
  • Baseer and Jashwanth
  • Ashish and Sakshi
  • Simi and Sohil

Team Kavya and Sidharth :

  • Nandini and Yukti
  • Aarushi and Tanish
  • Moose and Gaurav
  • Arsh and Arushi

Walk the Zipline Task Details : Buddy Pairs of the teams have to be rescued. One pair will will reach the checkpoint 1 by doing ziplining and they will untie a buddy pair after which they will reach the checkpoint 2 with them by doing ziplining. At checkpoint 2 they have to solve a puzzle and then they have to zipline and reach checkpoint 3 where they will find a captive pair and they need to untie them after which all of them will zipline to 4th checkpoint. At 4th checkpoint captains have to eat Bunny Chow’s and at each checkpoint there is a chance to win 1500 roadiums.

Walk the Zipline Task Final Results with timings :

Team Sapna and Angad :

  • Checkpoint 1 completed in 18 seconds – Round lost
  • Checkpoint 2 (Puzzle stage) completed in 16 minutes and 13 seconds – Round lost
  • Checkpoint 3 completed in 7.5 seconds – Round won (1500 roadiums)
  • Checkpoint 4 (Bunny chow stage) not completed and took 12 minutes – Round lost

Team Kavya and Sidharth :

  • Checkpoint 1 completed in 16 seconds – Round won (1500 roadiums)
  • Checkpoint 2 (Puzzle stage) completed in 10 minutes and 20 seconds – Round won (1500 roadiums)
  • Checkpoint 3 completed in 19 seconds – Round lost
  • Checkpoint 4 (Bunny chow stage) completed in 8 minutes and 3 seconds – Round won (1500 roadiums)

Final Survival Zipline Task Roadiums Counts :

  • Sidharth and Kavya – 5250 roadiums
  • Angad and Sapna – 4500 roadiums

Sidharth and Kavya wins Walk the Zipline Survival Task

Angad Bawa and Sapna Malik gets eliminated

Before leaving Sapna told Kavya that she never liked her as a person. After Sapna and Angad left, Kevin says that Kavya always try to put Sidharth down. Gaurav Alugh says thanks for judging our team Kevin. Kevin cries seeing Sapna and Angad leaving.

Sonu Sood informs Kavya and Sidharth’s team that all the roadiums earned through the survival task will get equally divided among their team and also tonight there will be no camping as all the roadies will get to stay in rooms.

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