Naagin Season 6 Episode 26 Written Updates 8 May 2022 – Pratha’s face off against nevla Renaksh

Lalit Gujral further narrates the story that Seema & Chanda were best friends and Chanda got married to Lalit but Seema had romantic feelings for him. Seema cleverly sent Chanda with Tara to the temple one day so that she can spent alone time with Lalit.

Naageshwari along with her daughter were going to hide Divya Kalash and Tara confronted them. She told them to give her Kalash and Naageshwari turned into her Naagin from and attacked Tara. She told her to go back. Tara called her vultures and they started attacking Naageshwari and her daughter.

Vultures were continuously attacking and Naageshwari was battling them while holding the Kalash. Tara hides somewhere and Naageshwari wonders where is she. Tara stabbed Naageshwari on her spine and Chanda was watching all this secretly. Amrit of Kalash fell on Mahek mother’s womb and Naageshwari wonders that the child is going to be special.

Naageshwari told Pratha’s mother to go and hide Kalash while she was holding Tara with her powers. Chanda went behind Pratha’s mom and Tara wonders there’s someone who will tell her about Kalash. Chanda secretly saw Pratha’s mother hiding the Kalash.

Chanda came back home and she gets shocked seeing Lalit hugging Seema. Chanda told Seema that your mother wanted to take you along with her tonight to tell you where is that Amrit Kalash and now only I know where is that Kalash. Chanda says now I will leave and Tara came there. Seema attacked Chanda from behind and Chanda got unconscious. Tara says because of you Seema my whole hard work went in vain and Seema says I will see how she will keep the secret hidden.

Lalit says that from that day Chanda was kept in prison and even Rishabh was born in the jail. He further says that till today Chanda doesn’t know that Rishabh is her son. Pratha tells Mahek that we need to find that Amrit Kalash. Professor tells Pratha that next 7 days are going to be very tough for you because after 7 days that Kaal ratri will come at which you grandmother died.

Seema tells a traitor that after 7 days there is going to be great destruction in this country. Chief tells Rishabh that next 7 days there are going to be a lot of attacks and Rishabh says don’t worry sir I won’t let anything happen to this country. Professor tells Pratha that you will get very weak on the 7th night but before that you have to find that Amrit Kalash. Seema says that this Kaal ratri will be kaal for you Pratha and you won’t be able to do anything so now I am Sheesh Naagin. Lalit secretly overhears Seema.

Lalit tells Rishabh about all this and Rishabh pointed a gun at him saying I can’t believe you are such a big traitor. Rishabh says mom has already told me everything and Seema came there after which she started doing drama. Lalit says she is lying but Rishabh says enough and you are not my dad for me as you are just a traitor so surrender otherwise.

Seema confronted Pratha and Mahek. She says what you thought you will expose me but now I will see who will fell down. Rishabh tells Lalit to come down while pointing gun at him and Lalit says I will jump down. Pratha tried to stop Rishabh. Inspector Vijay arrived on the spot. Lalit was going to tell the truth but Seema pushed him from behind. Inspector Vijay says that he committed suicide and Seema came there after which she started doing crying drama. Seema looked at Pratha and smiled.

Rihaan & Vivaan were complaining about Pratha and Samaira defended her. Rihaan tells Samaira to bring cashews for him. Rihaan was watching a adult video on phone and Samaira slapped him.

Pratha tells Seema that he is your husband so you can’t kill him. Seema says and what about you. Pratha says at that time he was a traitor in my eyes. Seema says one day you will push your husband to kill him. Rishabh made a phone call to Seema from the hospital and she says that she wants to talk to doctor. Doctor tells Seema that Lalit survived and she got shocked. Seema thinks that the time has come to acquire that Amrit Kalash. Mahek tells Pratha that we need to help Chanda in regaining her lost memory and Pratha says I have an idea.

Samaira was crying and she tells Pratha that there is something wrong with Rihaan and I am calling Yash but he is not answering my calls. Pratha thinks about helping her. Samaira says that Rihaan is a big flirt and he is in relationship with many girls. Pratha gave assurance to Samaira that she will help her. Rihaan saw them hugging.

Samaira was crying and Rihaan says I have a gift for you. Samaira asks what gift? Rihaan showed her a adult video and asks do you want to watch my video with other girls? He says that you slapped me in front of my cousins and now you will see what I can do.

Pratha questions Chanda about Amrit Kalash and Seema came there. Seema says you are doing my work because I was trying to get truth out of her since long. Pratha says one day I will expose you and Seema says I got scared after which she started laughing. Pratha was going to turn in her Sheesh Naagin form and Rishabh came there. Seema started doing drama in front of Rishabh and she says thank you so much beta, what a bahu your brought for me.

Rishabh says I would love to do something for Chanda Maa. Seema says you are my most favourite daughter Pratha after which she took Chanda with her. Seema introduced Chanda to her son Renaksh and Chanda says that he can’t be my son. Renaksh says I am your son after which both of them started crying.

Seema tells Pratha that you brought mother so I brought son. Renaksh thanked everyone and Rishabh asked him the meaning of his name. Renaksh says it means night shadow. Renaksh tells Chanda that I will take you to our home and Pratha thinks that I need to stop them. Pratha tells Rishabh that we won’t let Chanda Maa go from here that early because we have a motherly feeling with her. Renaksh says ok no problem we will stay here. Renaksh bumped with Mahek and her skin gets burned. Mahek wonders who is he?

Pratha asks Mahek that who did Seema brought because of whom your Skin got burnt? Mahek says I found him very strange? Pratha was going to Chanda’s room and Renaksh confronted her. Renaksh says that because of me your sister’s skin got burnt I am too hot. Renaksh introduced himself as Icchadaari nevla and Pratha says I am Sheesh Naagin. Both of them starting fighting in their Naagin and Nevla form. Pratha got injured and Renaksh says next time before you try to enter in Chanda’s room then think about our long rivalry because in Naagin and Nvela fight Nevla always wins.

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