MTV Splitsvilla 13 Episode 20 March 2021 Coffee Task, Dome Session, Oracle, and Fights – Full Details

Azma Fallah gets jealous seeing Pallak and Nikhil together after which she tried to separate them. Azma went in their room and she starts jumping on the bed wearing slippers seeing this Pallak gets angry. Pallak went to Azma’s room and she puts her slippers on Azma’s bed because of that they both started fighting. Bhoomika supported Pallak and she says to Azma that her way of talking is very cheap as Azma was continuously abusing Pallak.

Rannvijay and Sunny announced the first Golden Opportunity Task named Coffee with Crush and in this task two couples from Silver Villa with most silver arrows gets a chance to challenge two couples from Golden Villa.

Samarthya and Janvi challenged Vyomesh and Bhoomika

Gary and Avantika challenged Nikhil and Pallak

Coffee with Crush Task Details – Both the teams have to crush the coffee beans with a drum after which they have to filter those beans with a funnel hanging around guys back by shaking their booty. After filtering the beans they have to fill five mugs of coffee in the glass drum after this the guy needs to lift the girl on his shoulders and the girl needs to fill the bucket of water as water will be thrown at her by their supporter and then they need to fill the glass drum with that water. At last both the members of the team needs to extract milk from the sponge using their body weight.

Vyomesh and Bhoomika defeated Samarthya and Janvi in Coffee with Crush Task

Gary and Avantika defeated Pallak and Nikhil in Coffee with Crush Task

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Gary Lu and Avantika won the Coffee Task by default as due to a mistake by Pallak and Nikhil the glass drum gets broken.

After the task Pallak gets very upset because she lost the task due to her mistake and Nikhil tried to calm her down.

Finally it was time for the first dome session aka dumping ground, Rannvijay tells all the boys to write their connection name. None of the boys mentioned Arushi, Shweta and Azma as their connection as a result of which all three girls went straight into the dumping zone.

Shivam gifted a Gold chain to Riya Kishanchandani and he says some beautiful shayri for her. Kevin and Shivam had a verbal argument during the dome session. Rannvijay tells the two couples from Golden Villa to choose two more girls from the Silver Villa whom they want to send in dumping zone.

Nikhil and Pallak sends Janvi to dumping zone

Kevin and Kat sends Riya to dumping zone

Rannvijay asks Splitsvillains to choose one couple among Gary and Avantika or Vyomesh and Bhoomika who will face the oracle but before that he asked both the couples to write a name whom they want to dump tonight .

Most of the Splitsvillains voted for Vyomesh and Bhoomika. Rannvijay then asks them to reveal the name they wrote before facing Oracle and that name was Riya. Vyomesh and Riya went in front of Oracle to ask whether they are an ideal match or not.

Oracle says that Vyomesh and Bhoomika are not an ideal match

Rannvijay says now there will be consequences as one among Vyomesh and Bhoomika has to go back to Silver Villa but its going to be their choice. After some argument Bhoomika went back to Silver Villa. Arushi was happy because now her path with Vyomesh was clear and Vyomesh was quite tensed.

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