Bekaaboo Season 2 Episode 2 (The Sexperiment) Written Updates with all Hot Scenes Details

Anaysha finds out that the manuscript of her latest book Phobia has been deleted from her laptop. One of Kiyan’s die hard fan named Bidita was stalking her since last five months and she messaged him on social media to meet him after which Kiyan gets desperate to meet her.

Kiyan was waiting on the street for Bidita and she comes out of her fully clothed wearing a scarf on her head. Kiyan asks Bidita about who she is? Bidita takes off her trench coat and she burns it. She tells Kiyan that she came to satisfy his thirst and she is her extraordinary fan. Bidita was about to take off her bra but Kiyan stopped her and says that she’ll get what she wants but before that he has some conditions.

Anaysha finds out that her sexy pictures got uploaded on a adult website and she started receiving dirty calls. Anaysha went to the office but she was still getting dirty calls and messages after which she messaged inspector Akash about it. Natasha asks Anaysha about the book and the progress to which Anaysha says that Phobia’s manuscript got deleted from her cloud save. Natasha gets furious and Anaysha promised her that she will write a new manuscript soon.

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Kiyan receives a message from Bidita telling him that he has to come to annual party at Shaurya dance studio today.

At the annual party Shaurya announce a couple dance with masked themed. Kiyan with his face covered started dancing with Anaysha and he tells her that he will take revenge from her by telling her each and every step. Finally Kiyan drops Anaysha on ground and Shaurya starts fighting with him after which Kiyan leaves.

Kashti wass giving interviews to media at the cafe and a guy was making her sketch. Meanwhile at the pub Anaysha meets Bidita and they started talking. Bidita says to Anaysha that she can do anything for her after which they both started dancing and Bidita was trying to seduce Anaysha.

Kashti confronts the guy who was making her sketch and he asked her for one night in return of the sketch. The strange guy tells her to meet her on the 43rd floor terrace.

After getting completely seduced by Bidita, Anaysha and Bidita started making love in the washroom and while they were enjoying, Bidita receives a message from Kiyan saying I hope the plan is on track and Bidita responds with a thumbs up.

Anaysha went back to her house and watchman tells her that many boys are coming since evening and they are saying that you called them hearing this Anaysha says what rubbish. Anaysha comes out of the washroom as someone was shouting her name and she screams after seeing something in balcony.

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