Anupama April 2, 2024 Episode Written Updates: Anupama’s Terms Before Signing Property Papers

At the start of todays Anupama April 2, 2024 episode, Anupama, Kinjal, Kavya, and Baa return home. Babu ji asks about the kids, and Kinjal informs him they’re at the park with Dimpy. Anupama mentions bringing some food, but Vanraj interrupts, asking her to sign some papers. Anupama questions the papers’ purpose, and Vanraj reveals they’re related to the Shah House, including her rights. Babu ji explains that Vanraj planned to give the house to a builder but assures Anupama she’ll receive her share.

Anupama refuses to sign, stating she wants more than material possessions—she desires respect, manners, and polite behavior. Vanraj presses her to sign for the family’s sake, and Anupama agrees with two conditions: first, the larger share from the house’s proceeds should go to Baa and Babu ji, ensuring their dignity; second, Dimpy should also receive her share, regardless of her marital status. Anupama insists on legalizing these terms before signing.

Meanwhile, Pakhi and Toshu discuss Dimpy’s involvement in the family’s affairs, planning to secure their shares. Dimpy overhears and expresses her disapproval, stating she only wants Ansh and offering to relinquish her claim to the property. Despite Pakhi’s skepticism, Dimpy asserts her sincerity and agrees to sign the necessary documents.

Anuj reminisces about Anupama as he admires a kurta, recalling a fond memory of her. However, Shruti accidentally tears the garment while selecting her own. Later, Dimpy excitedly shares news of Anupama’s selection in a cooking competition, but Toshu and Vanraj mock her ambition, suggesting it’s beyond her capabilities. Undeterred, Anupama asserts her determination to pursue her dreams, inspiring support from Kinjal, Kavya, Dimpy, and Babu ji.

Aadhya refuses to forgive Anupama for past grievances, expressing her resentment towards her mother and reluctance to reconcile. She acknowledges Anuj’s relationship with Shruti, indicating a desire to distance herself from their family.

Anupama surprises Vikram, Rahul, and Yashdeep with sweets, celebrating her audition selection. She expresses gratitude for their support and confidence in her success, promising to share her achievements with them.

Precap – Anuj confides in Yashdeep, expressing his desire to purchase the restaurant, knowing it holds sentimental value for Anupama. Later, the judges approach Anupama, conveying their mutual misunderstanding: “You don’t understand us, and we don’t understand you.”

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