Today Imlie Episode 23 Sept 2021 Written Updates – Aditya gets back his job

Imlie went to Aditya’s room and she tries to cheer him up but he was still sad. She says I can’t do what you are saying but you need to buckle up and get back your job because judge has not given the verdict yet. Aditya says ok I will go for work but I will drop you to college first. Imlie says no I will go there myself. Aditya says ok then I will stay at home. Imlie agrees to go to college with him.

Aditya drops Imlie at college on his bike. She tries to make excuse and he tells her to go inside. Finally he gets to know from the peon that she has been suspended. Aditya realised that even Imlie has lost because of this case. He tells her to start afresh. She tells him that you are innocent until proven guilty and Aditya says same applies to Malini as well. Aditya leaves for the office on his bike with Imlie.

Anu and Malini were enjoying their victory over Tripathi family. Dev came there and says you both will not succeed. He further says if Imlie loses the case then she will come here because she is my daughter. He gives them a shock showing them an interview of his published in the newspaper as he confessed that Imlie is his daughter. Malini says I will now put forth a condition in front of Imlie because of which she will lose whether she wins the case or not. Dev asks what condition and Malini says I will give you surprise.

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Aditya went to his office and he tells his boss to give a reason for which they fired him because he has not been proven guilty yet. He further tells him that if he leaves this job then all his connections and informants will also leave. He says that he will work outside till the time he won’t all him to enter the cabin. Imlie started searching for proofs in the Tripathi house kitchen.

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