MTV Roadies Journey in South Africa Episode 15 Written Updates 8 May 2022 – Ostrich Eggs Immunity Task Result and Winners

All the roadies reached their new camp which was in Oudtshoorn. Kevin apologized to Arushi for not talking to her for a whoile day. He told her that you can’t trust Yukti because Nandu & Yuktii are both playing together.

Kavya and Sidharth had an argument because they both had trust issues. Kavya says you told me that Simi said that she has a liking for you romantically and Sidharth counters saying that she never said this.

Roadies at the camp received a message on their smartphones and they were told to decide which two pairs will get 1000 roadiums and which one pair will get immunity. Kevin says I have a chance to show Arushi that Yukti can’t be trusted by taking the immunity myself.

Next morning roadies received a message from Sonu Sood and they were told that in todays task they will have to do friendship with a bird that can’t fly but it can make life of people miserable.

Roadies went to the next task location on their bikes and they reached Highgate Ostrich Farm.

Kevin and Soundous revealed at the task location that they have the immunity today.

Sonu Sood announced next task which was named Andaz Apna Apna 

Task Details – There were some chests placed on the tables and below them were some baskets. Each buddy pair has to grab a basket and then they will go straight to Ostriches. They have to feed Ostriches as soon as the basket gets empty there’s a number below it and the buddy pair standing at the table will unlock the chest using that code. The chest will have a symbol and Wings by Pari Sanitary Pads. The buddy pair which will open the box first will get a extra wing after that they have to ride on bikes to the nest with Ostrich eggs. From there the roadies have to bring 4 Ostrich eggs. The pair which will have Pari double wing advantage will only have to collect 3 Ostrich eggs. If the egg fell down then the points will get deducted and if its gets broken then there will be a huge penalty. At each stage each buddy has to come below from the buckets holding Ostrich eggs while the Ostriches will be eating their food. Finally one member from each buddy pair has to drink the Ostrich egg. Each Ostrich egg is equal to 24 hen aggs. The buddy pair which will complete task first will become the winner.

Roadies Andaz Apna Apna Task Results feeding Ostriches from Basket Round :

Sidharth Manoj basket gets empty first and the code was 274

Sidharth and Kavya gets double wing advantage and now they have to bring only 3 eggs

  • Arushi Chawla basket gets empty second and the code was 183
  • Baseer Ali basket gets empty third and the coide was 097
  • Nandini G basket gets empty fourth and the code was 621
  • Sakshi Sharma basket gets empty fifth and the code was 365
  • Sohil Jhuti basket gets empty sixth and the code was 319

Roadies Andaz Apna Apna Task Results Bringing Ostrich Eggs Back Round :

Sidharth and Kavya brought back Ostrich Eggs first

Egg fell down from Sakshi Sharma’s hand and it grot broken

Ashish & Sakshi had an argument and Sakshi started crying as she said that it happened by mistake because I picked an insect with the egg. Baseer consoled Sakshi.

Roadies Andaz Apna Apna Task Results Bring Eggs from below Ostrich Baskets Round :

  • Sidharth and Kavya completed this third stage 1st
  • Arsh and Arushi completed this third stage 2nd
  • Yukti and Nandini completed this third stage 3rd
  • Baseer and Jashwanth completed this third stage 4th
  • Simi and Sohil completed this third stage 5th
  • Sakshi and Ashish completed this third stage 6th

Roadies Andaz Apna Apna Task Results Drinking Ostrich Egg Round :

All the Roadies started drinking the Ostrich eggs and Arsh Wahi spilled a lot of juice down

Soundous Moufakir said that she wants to drink the Ostrich Egg too and she drinks it like a pro

Andaz Apna Apna Task Final Results :

Arsh and Arushi came 3rd with 7 minutes and 22 seconds

Nandini and Yukti came 2nd with 6 minutes and 57 seconds and they won 1000 roadiums

Kavya and Sidharth came 1st with 6 minutes and 49 seconds and they won immunity

Soundous and Kevin won 500 roadiums because Soundous drink the Ostrich egg juice

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