Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 1 April 2021 Written – Soumya meets Jeet

Parmeet and Sant Banks comes to Sujanpur hospital and Parmeet gets happy seeing Virat. Sant Banks hugs him after which Virat says that he’s alright. Sant Baksh asks Virat about Heer and Virat says who is Heer? Parmeet says why is he talking like that? Virat says he is perfectly fine. Its just a test of their love. They want to see whether destiny make them together again or not. Virat says he wants to go somewhere far from Heer. He has no relation with Heer now. Virat says he will not identify Heer even if she comes in front of him. Sant Baksh says Virat will go to their Pushteni haweli. He asks Virat got shot by whom? Virat says its none other than Angel. Daljeet gets scared.

Preeto kept on scolding Mahi saying how can she stop Heer from coming back. She has gone mad and Heer could have came back if she had talked to Soumya. Mahi says Heer didn’t listen to her mother then how can she listen to Soumya. Preeto says to Mahi that she is jealous of Soumya that’s why she behaved this way. Harak tells Mahi that she shouldn’t have done this. Soumya takes Preeto to Matarani saying she should trust Matarani. Everything will be fine. Soumya lights diya. She says she has faith on Matarani, she will save Heer always. Preeto gets worried for Heer. Soumya says Heer is responsible that’s why she called us to inform she is alright. Soumya says she will find her for sure. She says if Virat and Heer love each other they will meet each other again. Just like Harman ji and me Virat and Heer are made for each other. They won’t get separated. Mahi says when she says the same thing to everyone what Saumya said. Noone believes her. But they believe Soumya.

Heer prays to Matarani saying she wants to start a new life without her family. She wants strength. Heer gets house manager’s job and gets a place to stay there. She says she wants to study at midnight. The person says on one condition Heer will get the job.Preeto gives Heer’s details to Soumya. Soumya says she will find her anyhow. She takes auto ride. Jeet (Sharpshooter) notices her and follows her. Auto driver tells about some technical problem. Soumya stops Jeet and asks for lift. She says she urgently wants to go to police station. Can he drop her. Jeet says you won’t have any problem with sitting on my bike? You should stay away from strangers. And you made it easier for me to complete my task. Soumya doesn’t get him. She sits on his bike.

Caretaker shows Heer the house where she will stay. Heer asks about the condition. He says she can’t leave the job before two years. She has to sign contract. She will have to stay here. Heer agrees saying she won’t leave. She waits for the owner of the house.

Jeet drops Soumya at Police station. Soumya thanks him. Jeet says something weird and indirectly reveals that he will kill Soumya. Soumya says his way of talking is confusing. Jeet says we can live today or can die tomorrow. There’s no guarantee of life. She says you are talking as if you are planning to kill me if I meet you once again. I hope you as a person is good. She then meets Angel near Police station. From far away Jeet takes the sniper rifle. He gets ready to shoot Soumya.

Angel says to Soumya that Heer is alive. Heer asks how do you know? Angel says DSP told her. He blamed me as well for attacking Virat and Heer. A lawyer comes to talk to Soumya. Jeet fails to shoot Soumya. Angel sends the lawyer away. Angel says she attacked Virat and Heer during the hospital incident for the last time. Sant Baksh comes and meets Soumya. Jeet again fails to shoot. He gets irritated. Sant Baksh says he doesn’t want to stay in contact with Soumya’s family. He says he was fed up now. He doesn’t want to tell about Heer as well. He reveals he will leave Gurdaspur. Soumya requests Sant Baksh saying just how Virat is important for his family. Heer is also important for her family. She asks him to tell Heer’s address. Sant Baksh says everyone cares for that Kinnar. Sant Baksh tells her the address and Soumya writes down the address. Jeet keeps changing rifles and its positions. He then finally shoots.

Heer’s photo falls down. Soumya bends down to pick it up. The bullet hits the window. Soumya gets shocked. Sant Baksh shouts at his men to find that person who is shooting. He says to Soumya that person tried to shoot her but you got saved. Soumya looks at Heer’s photo and thanks her for saving her.

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