Today’s Kundali Bhagya Episode 23 April 2021 Written – Kritika tells truth to her family

Mahira trying to find her phone and asks Prithvi to help her in finding her phone. He says to her that he is late already and he got his phone and tries to leave from there but she stops him and tells him to find her phone.

Srishti reads Blackmailer’s message on her phone and informs Sameer that Mahira going to meet the Blackmailer near raliway station’s factory. She drops the phone there and leaves from there. Mahira finds her phone and leaves from there.

Lady Constable Susheela says to Preeta that she thinks Preeta didn’t kill anyone and Preeta’s family loves her so much and they will get bail for her definitely. Preeta thinks from the time she entered Karan’s life he is just facing problems. She recalls how he hugged her from behind when she was arranging the cupboard and asked him to not disturb her but he didn’t leave her saying that he has full rights to romance his wife.

Preeta comes to reality and talks to herself saying that whenever Karan is around her, she stays happy and even his memories brings smile on her face and she never thought that her marriage will happen with him but that is the most beautiful thing which happened in her life and he entered her life as God’s blessings and she really want to go to him.

Mahira stops Prithvi and gives his phone to him saying that he took her mobile. She says to him that she need to buy new phone otherwise he may take advantage of this. He says to her that not everyone behaves like her. She ignores him and leaves from there. He notices that his phone is unlocked and assumes that Mahira would have opened it. He decides to sell the necklace first then he has to see the Blackmailer’s face too.

Kritika asks Kareena and Sarla to not fight and says to them that she is responsible for everything not Preeta. Karan asks her that what is she saying. Kareena says to her that it’s not her fault because it’s Preeta’s fault. Kritika apologize to Sarla saying that Preeta is in the Police station because of her. She says to Kareena that Preeta loves everyone that’s why she took the blame on herself and Preeta tolerating everything for her. She says to them that Preeta is even ready to spoil her future because she cares about her.

Sarla says to Kritika that when she saw Kritika in the Police station she understood that they are hiding something and asks her to reveal the truth.

Kritika says to Karan even though he is angry on Preeta still she didn’t revealed the truth. Karan says to her that he is angry on Preeta that’s not mean he doesn’t love her and asks to her tell the truth by believing him.

Kritika says to Kareena that Preeta always warned her about Akshay but she didn’t believe her. She reveals about Akshay’s blackmail and also how Preeta went to meet Akshay on behalf of her and how Akshay tried to molest Preeta that’s why she attacked him for self-defense. She cries saying that Preeta suffering now because of her. Rakhi consoles Kritika. Kareena cries hearing Kritika.

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