Dance Deewane Juniors (DDJ) Episode 3 Written Updates 30 April 2022 – Yash & Aradhya cute dance, Nora Fatehi’s biasedness for Geet

The episode started with all the kids dancing at Mera Nakhra Hai Teekhi Talwar Varga.

First Contestant – Alaina – Age 9 Years – Alaina gave an amazing Belly dance performance on Kusu Kusu song. Nora Fatehi pressed the play buzzer during her performance. Nora did Pra Pra Pra Prahhhhh for her and then she herself pressed the play buzzer of both Neetu Ji and Marzi. Nora says you did khatarnaak Belly Dance and you deserve it. She tells her that I want to take you home and then she told her parents that Alaina is a star. Neetu Ji says that she is chhoti Nora. Marzi says he is leaving this show because he doesn’t know why is he here because Nora is even pressing their play buzzer. Finally Marzi says her performance was very nice.

Second Contestant – Bani – Age 8 Years – Bani danced on Beri Piya Bada Bedardi song and Nora pressed the play buzzer during her performance. Nora says her performance was outstanding as she had confidence, style, sassiness, body control. Marzi also pressed the power play buzzer for her. Neetu Ji says her name Bani has sur in it and in the same way she dances. Finally Neetu Ji pressed power play buzzer for Bani.

Third Dance Group – Ada Juniors – Age 9 Years – 10 Years – A group of three boys and three girls came on stage and they started dancing on Dapli Waale Dapli Baja song. The group got a standing ovation from all three judges after their performance. All three judges pressed power play button for them.
Marzi Pestonji danced on Dapli Waale with Neetu Kapoor and Nora Fatehi was cheering for them.

Fourth Duo – Yash and Aradhya – Age 11 Years and 12 Years – Yash and Aradhya danced on Awari song and both Marzi & Neetu Ji pressed the power play button as soon as their performance started. Marzi stood on table after their performance and he gave them a standing ovation. Neetu Ji also gave them a standing ovation. Marzi says that definitely they will become actors then they grow up and their performance was mind blowing. Neetu Ji says their connection is very nice. Nora says their chemistry is outstanding and they have shown a lot of emotions through their dance. Aradhya says his sweat is very dirty so I can’t tolerate him for 2 minutes. Yash says she bites her nails a lot and then she puts the spit on the nails on his body. Aradhya says she is the better dancer between the two of them and Yash agreed with her. Yash says she has a lot of lice in her hair. They said that they are best friends and Neetu Ji says they remind her of Nora & Marzi. Nora tells them to hug each other only then she will give them power play. Yash and Aradhya hugged each other and Nora pressed the power play button.

Backstage Karan Kundrra says that today we will test our juniors on their temptations. Karan tells kids to guess what’s in the box and then the gift will be theirs. Karan says inside the box is a things which is very advanced in technology and if you show it to your friends then they will burn. Juniors were guessing and Karan went to stage to give Alok his toy car. Kids started doing cheating one by one as they opened the box. Karan arrived back and they said that it opened by itself. Karan revealed it was a prank.

Fifth Contestant – Geet – Age 9 Years – Geet came on stage and Nora pressed the play button for her before her performance even started. Both Marzi and Neetu ji objected on this and Nora says she will watch her whole performance by standing and if she is not good then she will leave the show. Geet started dancing on Laila Mein Laila song and Neetu Ji gave a standing ovation to Geet after her dance ended. Neetu Ji says she reminds her of Alia Bhatt. Marzi and Neetu Ji pressed play button for her. Geet says that her dad loves Nora mam. Geet tells them that my mom will beat my dad a lot at home.

Marzi made fun of Nora by calling her American Ostrich.

Sixth Contestant – Priyanshi – Age 10 Years – Priyanshi danced on Vajle Ki Bara song. Nora says they didn’t liked the act and she thinks that the song was not right for her because her style & her vibe is of urban genre and sassy so they will change the song and she get to listen it first then she needs to put the stage on fire. Priyanshi’s father told their emotional story in the pre-recorded video. Priyanshi danced on Bom Diggy Diggy song and all three judges pressed the power play button as soon as her dance started. Her father was crying while she was dancing. Marzi called her and he gave her the play button.

Seventh Contestant – Runjana Das – Age 10 Years – Runjana told her story in a pre-recorded video as he younger brother Nayan had an eye problem and she wants to fulfil his dream by coming to Dance Deewane. Runjana started her dance and after her dance Neetu Ji asked her brother, did he saw her elder sister’s performance and he said no I didn’t. Runjuna started crying.

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