Rhea meets Abhi in Hospital – Kumkum Bhagya 6 August 2020 Episode Written

Aaliya, Rhea and Meera came to the hospital ward and they saw Abhi in a unconscious state. Nurse comes and informs them all that he will be absolutely fine. Sarita behen gets a pull in her leg and asks Prachi to go. Prachi went to the hospital. Nurse asks Aliya where is his wife? Aaliya asks whom? Nurse says his wife, who was admitted with him in the hospital after the accident. Aaliya asks her to check in the records and tells that he has no wife. Nurse says his wife name was Pragya. Aaliya asks are you sure? Nurse says if they were separated and now they met again. She says she called from Pragya’s number and someone called Sa…. picked the call. Aaliya asks Sarla. Nurse says may be. Aaliya closes the door from inside and asks Nurse to click Pragya’s daughter pic when she comes here. She gives her money. Prachi tries to open the door, but the door was locked from inside.

Rhea tells Abhi that she will never leave him. Meera asks her to relax. Rhea says if you don’t get up then I will go from here and will never come back. She asks him to get up. Abhi opens his eyes and looks at them. Rhea says just now she has come. She says I will take you home with me. Abhi asks her to stop crying and says you would have counted till 3, I would have get up. He asks where is she? Aaliya says she had left. She tells Meera that they shall take bhai home. Abhi thinks how did Pragya leave from here? Meera says she will settle the hospital bills. Abhi takes out the oxygen mask and tells that he will walk. Prachi and Shahana look at Sarita behen’s foot. Abhi stops for a while and goes out. Nurse thinks she is getting so much money for 1 photo and finds Pragya in the washroom. She makes Pragya get up and asks how did you come here? Pragya recalls and a fb is shown, Pragya says she wants to tell him so many things and goes to wash room where she fainted and fell down. Fb ends. Nurse helps her get up. Pragya comes out of the ward. Nurse takes Prachi’s photo. Prachi asks what happened to you? Pragya says nothing and asks her not to worry. They leave.

Abhi asks Rhea to go to her room. Rhea says she will sit here and says she will take care of him. Abhi says he wants to do something. He asks how was her holiday? Aaliya says everything was fine. She says she came from London to the hospital directly. Abhi says I shouldn’t have talked to you after whatever you have done. He says she didn’t reply to my messages and asks if she liked the gift which he sent at her London address. Rhea gets tensed and tells that the gift was good, she thought to meet him and say. Abhi asks which color she likes in the gift. Aaliya says Rhea’s favorite color and asks her to make coffee which she brought from London. Rhea goes. Abhi asks Meera to bring charger for him. Vikram comes there and asks why he didn’t come. Abhi says he charges money to come to Sangeet. Vikram says I know why you didn’t come.

Rhea goes to kitchen and calls Minty to know about Abhi’s gift. She thinks Minty called her many times, but she didn’t pick the calls. She thinks she invites troubles. She thinks to make coffee for Abhi and checks on the internet. Ranbir sees her and says you are back. He gets happy seeing her and says so nice to see you. Rhea asks how are you? He says great. Rhea says she came in afternoon. Ranbir says everyone missed you so much. Rhea asks really. Ranbir says yes. He asks about London? Rhea says it was good. She tells that she returned hearing Maya and his engagement, can’t see him getting married to somebody else. Ranbir says even he don’t want him to see himself getting married to Maya. She says she is making coffee for dad. Ranbir says he will make world’s best coffee for chief and takes the coffee powder in his hand.

Rhea also tries to hold it and they keep hand on each other’s hand. Ranbir says we will make coffee now. Rhea plays songs. He makes coffee and says it is done. Prachi calls on Ranbir’s mobile, but Rhea rejects her call. Prachi thinks he is not picking the call after reaching home. She calls him. Rhea tells that his phone is ringing. Ranbir asks her to show. Rhea asks who is important to you, chief or this call. She rejects the call. Prachi says he is strange guy. Shahana says you are yearning to talk to him and tells that he is just a friend. Prachi thinks why she is feeling bad. Ranbir tells that he will check the call. Rhea tells him that dad was in hospital and asks if he will not come. Ranbir says he didn’t know and gets worried for Abhi. He goes to meet him.

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