Dance Deewane Juniors (DDJ) Episode 5 Mega Auditions Written Updates 7 May 2022 – Hardcore 15 Selections

Nora Fatehi tells Marzi Pestonji that she is very stressed because they have to select 15 hardcore dancers today at the Mega Auditions. Neetu Ji tells Nora and Marzi that she can’t choose anymore because I can’t break the hearts of kids.

Mega Auditions started and contestants started performing one by one :

First Contestant – MD Rash – Age 13 Years – MD Rash danced on Chal Maar. Nora says we had a lot of fun and I loved your performance because it had everything – expressions, energy, vibes and I liked that you did freestyle along with a bit of tapori style and we will tell you your results later.

It was revealed that the Hardcore 15 will be trailer by India’s supreme choreographers which includes Pratik Utekar (Contemporary dancer), Sonali Kar (Indian Bollywood Dancer), and Tushar Shetty (Hip Hop Dancer)

Tushar Shetty gave a hip hop dance performance on O O Jaane Jaana song

Pratik Utekar gave a contemporary dance performance on Mere Naam Tu

Sonali Kar gave a Bollywood style dance performance on Maar Daala song

All three choreographers danced together on Dance Deewane Juniors title song

Second Contestant – Aditya Patil – Age 8 Years – Aditya danced on Humari Adhuri Kahani song. Marzi and Neetu Ji gave him a standing ovation after his performance. Pratik hugged him after his dance. Neetu Ji says that its unbelievable for her and Neetu Ji broke the rule after which she pressed the power play button. Nora & Marzi also broke the rule and they both pressed the button after which Aditya gets selected for Hardcore 15.

Third Contestant – Geet – Age 9 Years – Geet danced on Chhama Chhama song. Neetu Ji says she doesn’t have words to describe her energy, expressions, swag, and josh. Nora says according to me you are not a dancer but a performer. Marzi says we will tell you result later.

Fourth Dance Group – C – Company – Age – 9 Years – 13 Years – C – Company danced on Humko Maloom Hai Ishq Masoom Hai song. All three judges stood up after their dance and they immediately pressed the play button. C – Company got selected for Hardcore 15 and Marzi says that he wants to see them in top 4. Nora says she felt like she was seeing a moving painting. Neetu Ji says that this was an international level performance.

Tushar Shetty danced with Neetu Ji on Keh Du Tumhe song and Pratik Utekar danced with Neetu Ji on Chookar Mere Mann Ko song.

Fifth Contestant Riddhi – Age 7 Years – Riddhi danced on Baby Baby Mujhe Log Bole song. Neetu Ji says she wish for her to get selected in Hardcore 15. Marzi says you are very cute and adorable. Nora says that we will tell you results later but I too hope for your selection in Hardcore 15.

Sixth Dance Group – Classical Queens – Age 10 Years – 13 Years – Classical Queens gave a traditional classical dance performance on Ghoomar song. Marzi Pestonji gave them a standing ovation and Nora Fatehi did Pra Pra Prahhhhhhh for them. Nora says that your performance was flawless. Marzi says we’ll give you results soon.

Seventh Duo – Yash and Aradhya – Age 11 Years & 12 Years – Yash and Aradhya danced on Jag Soona Soona Lage song. Nora says that as a duo you both are very strong. Marzi says Yash is like Sachin Tendulkar. He tells them that we will tell you results later so wait.

Eighth Contestant – Anshika – Age 12 Years – Anshika danced on Chupke Se song and she did popping dance style. Neetu Ji was so close to pressing play button after Ashika’s dance but Nora and Marzi stopped her. Marzi grabbed Neetu Ji’s hand and then he pressed power play button seeing this Anshika cried. Marzi also pressed his power play button. Nora says it appears like you pass every single rhythm of the song in your body. Tushar Shetty praised Anshika’s control while doing popping All three choreographers were given the task to do popping with Anshika. Sonali failed to do it perfectly. Tushar did popping with Ashika next and he did quite well. Pratik went next to do popping with Anshika but he also failed. Nora finally pressed power play button for Anshika and she gets selected for Hardcore 15.

Ranveer Singh came on the show to promote his upcoming film ‘Jayeshbhai Jordaar’ and he came on stage dancing on Firecracker song.

Ninth Contestant – Priyanshi – Age 10 Years – Priyanshi danced on Mera Nakhra Ae Teekhi Talwar Warga. Nora says that your dance today was very hardcore. Marzi says that your dance has a lot of energy & style and he tells her to wait for the results. All three judges along with Karan Kundrra celebrated Priyanshi’s birthday on stage. Marzi gave Priyanshi a birthday gift and he pressed all three play buttons as a result of which she got selected for Hardcore 15.

Tenth Dance Group – Gully Girls – Gully Girls cried on stage because in their absence their mother’s have to do all the house chores. Karan Kundrra showed their first training video in the studio and the girls got shocked seeing the DJ for the first time. Nora made a surprise visit to the studio and she gifted all the girls, dancing shoes as well as dresses.

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