Shakti Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki Episode 25 March 2021 Written – Soumya takes oath to destroy Angel

Soumya gave a dance performance with her Kinner friends near Maa Durga temple and Mallika reaches there. Angel’s goons lost Mallika and they called Angel telling that after which she told them to keep a watch for her. Mallika shouts Soumya and Soumya gets shocked seeing her. Mallika gets ready for her Abhishek but the pot gets broken and Pandit Ji says that a bad Omen has happened just when Angel became Gurumaa.

Soumya offered milk to Mallika and Mallika apologized to her for breaking her promise not to come back but she has to return because of the circumstances. Mallika shows Soumya latest pictures of Heer and she tells her that Heer is in a lot of trouble right now also Preeto tried to commit suicide. Soumya asked what happened then Mallika showed her the video of Angel shooting Heer and tells her that everything got messed up so now its your responsibility to fix it.

Angel with other Kinner women went to Preeto’s house and Rohan tells them to leave but they threatened him. Angel offered sweets to Rohan telling him that her fan following got increased as she got promotion by becoming Gurumaa. Angel warns them that everyone who tried to go against Kinner rules will face the same fate just like Heer.

Soumyaa in front of Maa Durga takes a oath that she will give Angel pain till the time she is alive and now the whole world will see how a Kinner takes the revenge. Soumya decides to go back to Gurdaspur to protect her family and Mallika gets happy.

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