ULLU I Love You Web Series Episode 4 Written Updates (Part 2) – Tejasswi Aunty and Natasha Hot Scenes Full Info

At the beginning of fourth episode of ULLU Web series I Love You, Aakash tells Suraj that this is his house and not some hotel. Suraj tells him that his marriage with Natasha has gotten fixed and he comes at his house with her to do practice on bed because Prabha is at home. Suraj asks him, why are you getting annoyed? Aakash says that you took away Natasha from me but now I have fallen in love with one more girl but still I can’t say I LOVE YOU to her. Suraj advices him to tell her on phone and Aakash said good idea.

Aakash made a phone call to Prabha but instead of Prabha, her mother Tejasswi aunty picked the phone. Aakash tells her that he keeps on thinking about her and he wants to kiss her. Tejasswi aunty gets happy and gives her a kiss in return.

Natasha and Suraj were bathing together in the washroom and Suraj was giving her pleasure under the shower. Finally they started kissing each other on bed and then she sits on his lap and he takes off her jacket. Natasha was bouncing up and down as Suraj was satisfying her. Natasha didn’t got completely satisfied by Suraj.

Aakash went to Suraj’s house and Tejasswi aunty showed her the proper way to propose a girl. Prabha came and all three of them started having breakfast on the dining table. Tejasswi aunty started playing with Aakash’s feet under the table and Aakash started thinking that it as Prabha. Prabha requests Aakash to go on shopping with her and he agrees. Aakash finds out that Tejasswi aunty was playing with her feet in reality and he lefts from there.

Natasha and Suraj were still together on the bed. She asks him, aren’t we rushing our marriage? Suraj said that we both love each other so there is no problem in it and you can tell me what you want, I will bring you whatever you need. Natasha thanked him by kissing him.

Prabha had an amazing time while doing shopping with Aakash. They both went to beach as well and then they had some juice together. Prabha & Aakash reached their homes and they both were thinking about the amazing time they spent together at the beach.

Aakash makes a phone call and once again Tejasswi aunty was talking to him. She told him that there is no one at home tonight and he can come. Aakash went to her house and the lights were off inside. Tejasswi aunty grabbed his arm in the dark and they started kissing each other.

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Aakash removed Tejasswi aunty’s nighty and then he puts her on bed. He was kissing her continuously. Aakash takes off his shirt and he was kissing all over her body. Tejasswi aunty gets on top of him and she took off his vest after that she puts her hand in his pant and started giving him pleasure.

Tejasswi aunty’s panty was removed by Aakash and he started pleasuring her from the bottom and she was enjoying it. Tejasswi aunty finally removed Aakash’s pant and underwear after which she started satisfying him.

Aakash turned on the light and he gets shocked seeing Tejasswi aunty. He continued making love with her on bed. Aakash removed Tejasswi aunty’s bra and he ends up satisfying her on the bed.

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