Kundali Bhagya Spoiler 1 October 2020 – Pawan points a gun at Preeta

Pawan went to see his brother ‘Prithvi’ in other room but he has not woken up yet after which he tells his goon that they will keep him in the same room as Preeta because he will get happy seeing her when he wakes up. Pawan and his goons puts Prithvi in Preeta’s room.

Sanjana gets shocked seeing Mahira in Preeta’s saree and Sarla was coming her way but Ramona stopped her and takes Sarla to a corner. Sanjana takes Mahira to Karan’s bedroom. Sanjana asks Mahira, what is she doing in Preeta’s saree. Mahira says that she is wandering around as Karan’s wife. Mahira further tells Sanjana that she knows that even Sanjana hates Preeta. Sanjana thinks that Mahira has gotten Psycho and she is behaving a bit strange. Mahira tells Sanjana to get out of the room.

Ramona apologizes to Sarla for her rude behaviour then she leaves as it was all her drama to safeguard Mahira. Sarla gets emotional and Rishabh calms her down. Sanjana gets angry after seeing Rishabh taking nicely with Sarla as she thinks that he never talks to her like this.

Janki was standing outside the Pawan’s house as she got too much scared seeing the guards protecting outside with knives and guns in their hands. She tries calling both Preeta and Srishti but none of them picked up the phone. Janki decides that she needs to find out on her own about whats wrong happening there.

Preeta wakes up and Pawan confronts her. Pawan says that she has come to her home and he tells her that she has a very nice voice. Preeta offers him double money to let her go but he says that she is her bhabhi. Pawan shows her Prithvi and Preeta says that he has even kidnapped him. Pawan tells her that he is his brother and she is her bhabhi now. Preeta says I am Mrs. Karan Luthra and hearing this Pawan points a gun at her head. Pawan then drops the gun and his goon shows Preeta a knife and threatens her. Pawan takes away the knife from his goon and slaps him hard.

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