Kumkum Bhagya Spoiler 1 October 2020 – Rhea to give blood to Prachi

Sarita behan tells Pragya that either Mr. Mehra and Mr. Kohli would have paid the bill. Receptionist says that he went to Prachi’s room and both of them went there. Rhea in her room tells Alia that Prachi is very lucky because whole town is giving importance to her. Rhea further says that the bond between Ranbir and Prachi is very strong as she tried a lot to separate her from Ranbir but they got closer everytime, even she planned her accident. Alia stopped Rhea there and says never say that again in this house as Mitali bhabhi has returned and she has a habit of hearing from outside the doors.

Mitali was outside Rhea’s room and she got doubtful about them and thinks what were they talking about. In her room Mitali saw Neha calling her on her phone and then she recalls about the Neha, Tarun drama and says that because of you Pragya I lost my daughter.

Pragya went to see who paid the bill and doctor tells her that they urgently need blood group B Positive otherwise it can be dangerous for Prachi. Abhi calls Doctor and he asks him about Prachi’s condition. Doctor says that she has suffered a lot of blood loss and she urgently needs blood group B Positive. Abhi says that I will arrange it as my daughter has that blood group.

Abhi went back to the Mehra Mansion to get Rhea so that she can give her blood to Prachi. Rhea was talking to Alia in her room and she says that I can’t wait as I want to her that Prachi is dead. Abhi hears this and he asks Rhea, what did you say that Prachi should die, You want to hear the news of Prachi’s death. Rhea gets shocked.

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