Kundali Bhagya new villain Pawan to kidnap Preeta – Will Karan save her – Full Details

One of the most popular Indian TV serial Kundali Bhagya will soon witness a very big twist as Ankit Gupta is about to enter the show to play a cameo role of Prithvi’s brother Pawan. This character is going to be a negative character and he is going to turn out the Raavan in Preeta’s life as there are confirmed reports stating that he is going to kidnap Preeta from her wedding reception in the upcoming episodes.

Pawan will take the revenge of his brother Prithvi’s bad condition from Preeta as he will get manipulated by Mahira in the coming episode of the show. Mahira will wear the exact same dress like Preeta and she will tell her that she has brought the Raavan in her life. But it will be quite interesting to watch that will Karan Luthra save her and prove out to be her Ram or not.

Earlier it was planned by the makers of the show that Sanjay Gagnani aka Prithvi will sneak into the Luthra House dressed as Raavan and he was supposed to kidnap Preeta but Sanjay was recently tested Covid19 positive and the makers had to make a last minute change by bringing in Ankit Gupta as his brother Pawan in the show.


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