Dance Deewane Season 3 Episode 6 Mega Auditions, Jhanvi Piyush Date, 14 March 2021 Written Details

Varun Sharma and Jhanvi Kapoor came on the sets of DD3 (Dance Deewane Season 3) to promote their film Roohi also Uday Singh wins the hearts of the judges with his breathtaking performance at the mega auditions. Jhanvi Kapoor went on a date with Piyush after getting impressed by his dance. Later Sohail Khan gets the title of Kasimpur Ka Sultan from Dharmesh sir also the cute romantic duo of Sahil and Anjali gave a beautiful performance. In the end judges decided that they will choose top 16 not top 15.

Dance Deewane Season 3 EP 6 Contestants Names with Performances, Selections and Rejections

First Solo contestant – Presha – Age 6 Yrs – Presha brings Gujarati food for all the judges in tiffins and everyone enjoyed after that she danced on Chammak Challo song. Judges applauded her performance. Dharmesh sir praised her and press the play buzzer after that Madhuri pressed the play as well. Tushar sir says that there was a day and night difference between her audition dance and her mega audition performance. Tushar sir stood up and pressed the play button as a result of which Presha gets selected for top 15.

Second Solo Contestant – Piyush – Age 22 Yrs – Piyush performed on Naino Se Naino Ko Mila song and it was inspired by one of Dharmesh sir’s earlier performance. After Piyush’s dance all the judges gave him a standing ovation and pressed the play buzzer one by one. Dharmesh appreciated his performance and requested him to teach him some steps whenever he gets chance. Piyush says that for him dance is equal to Dharmesh sir. Dharmesh sir takes an autograph from Piyush and says whenever you perform good I’ll take your autograph. Madhuri and Tushar also praised his dance. Jhanvi Kapoor requested Piyush that she wants to go on a date with him after that Raghav and Bharti organized a date for them. Raghav and Bharti cracked some jokes with Piyush after which Piyush requested that she wants to dance with Jhanvi. Piyush and Jhanvi did a romantic dance on Ehna Sohna Kyu and after dance Jhanvi says that it was the best date of her life.

Third Solo Contestant – Suchna – Age 39 Yrs – Suchna gave a energetic Lavni dance performance on Mala Jau Dya Na Ghari song. She receives a standing ovation. Both Tushar and Dharmesh pressed play buzzer for Suchna. Madhuri says that Lavni needs beauty and he did it brilliantly after which Madhuri whistled for Suchna. Suchna says that her mother and her mother-in-law came with her today along with her sons and Madhuri called them on stage. Madhuri called one of Suchna’s son and he pressed the play button after which she gets selected. Everyone except Madhuri and Jhanvi did Lavni dance with Suchna on stage.

Fourth Trio – Bone Brothers – Age 20 – 22 Yrs – Bone Brothers gave an amazing dance performance on Dhoom Machale song. Jhanvi and Varun had some fun with them. Judges called PS2 Trio as well on stage and they both got rewind button as both the groups got rejected.

Fifth Solo Contestant – Uday Singh – Age 23 Yrs – Uday tells Dharmesh that he is feeling in Mumbai that he has arrived at a wonderland. He says that him and his mother didn’t slept on bed because they were afraid it will get dirty. Also Uday says that its the first time in his life that he is getting 4 meals per day. Bharti gets emotional hearing their story and she says that it seems like she is watching her journey once again. Bharti says that she will bring nice clothes for her next time whenever she comes.

Uday performed on Ae Khuda song and at the end of his dance he jumped off from stage which shocked all the judges. Dharmesh says that Uday has improved a lot because of the training given by choreographer. Madhuri praised the jump off stage made by Uday. Tushar called Uday’s choreographer on stage and Pratik came. Pratik says that Uday is raw and that’s the beauty of it. Raghav shows a video of Uday’s basti people watching his performance on Dance Deewane 3. Uday gets emotional. Dharmesh says that his competitors in this show are too good after which all the judges pressed play button for him due to which Uday reaches top 15.

Sixth Solo Contestant – Yogesh – Age 37 Yrs – Yogesh gave a super energetic and after getting impressed by his dance all three judges immediately pressed the play buzzer. Tushar welcomed Yogesh to top 15 and he praised his steps and he further says that his last 20 seconds energy was even better then the beginning. Yogesh called his father on stage and he says that he has no words to describe his son’s performance. Judges says all the best to Yogesh and he left.

Seventh Battle – Sohail Khan vs Tandel Brothers –

First Tandel Brothers – Age 9 Yrs and 14 Yrs – Tandel Brother danced on Jai Jaikara song and judges liked their dance a lot.

Second Sohail Khan – Age 6 Yrs – Sohail Khan gave a mind blowing full of stunts dance performance on Sultan Title Track. Sohail gets a standing ovation from Madhuri and Tushar.

Tandel Brothers were called on stage and Dharmesh sir started praising Sohail’s dance and he called him Kasimpur Ka Sultan while to Tandel Brothers he says that they need a bit of improvement. Madhuri also appreciated Sohali on his dance. Tushar sir says that Tandel aBrothers timing was off at some beats and he praised Sohail as well for his super energy.

Finally time came for the decision and judges selected Sohail for top 15 while Tandel Brothers got rejected. Bharti and Haarsh cracked some jokes with Sohail. Sohail says that Tushar is his favorite among all three judges.

Eighth Group Battle – Panwelkars vs Foking Desi – Panwelkars performed on Khali Vali song after that Foking Desi performed on Mast Kalandar song. Judges says that they will give the decision later.

Ninth Duo – Ajay and Shilpa – Ajay and Shilpa danced on Sajna song and they got selected by judges.

Tenth Duo Battle – Shubh and Priya vs Sahil and Anjali

First Shubh and Priya – Shubh and Priya gave a Kathak dance performance on Itna Karo Na Mujhse Pyaar

Second Sahil and Anjali – Sahil and Anjali gave a very cute romantic dance performance and Dharmesh sir praised them a lot and they got selected. Haarsh and Bharti cracked jokes with them asking them are they girlfriend boyfriend? Anjali made fun of Sahil and everyone laughed. Judges says all the best to them and they left.

Finally among Panwelkars and Foking Desi judges decided that Panwelkars will go in the next round and with that the mega auditions gets over.

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