Impact Wrestling 30 September 2020 Results, Jordynne Grace makes Tenille Dashwood tap – Written Details

On todays episode of Impact Wrestling we get to see a rematch between Jordynne Grace vs Tenille Dashwood and it did not ended well for Dashwood also Taya and Rosemary kicked off the show as they went head to head against Havok and Nevaeh in a tag team brawl. Susie continues to show shades of Su Yung in her. Eddie Edwards finds out who attacked him last week and In the main event, The North went against Ace Austin & Madman Fulton in a tag team match.

Impact Wrestling 30 September 2020 Winners and Losers

1. Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary vs. Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh Tag Team Match

Winners – Taya Valkyrie & Rosemary

Losers – Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh

Taya Valkyrie & Nevaeh starts the match. Nevaeh tries to hit Taya with a shoulderblock but Taya side kicks her and arm drags. The two tag in their partners. Rosemary fires off hard against Jessicka Havok, but the Havok boots her down. Rosemary and Taya manages to isolate Havok and it’s Taya who gets a two count. Taya tries to Irish whip Havok but she can’t move Havok and Havok makes her pay.

In the final stages of this match, Rosemary exploder suplexes Nevaeh down before giving her an upside-down to Havok in the corner. Nevaeh tries to catch her breath as Rosemary jumps off with a crossbody. A double spear, but Havok gets the tag. Nevaeh gets both of them down, but it’s Taya who comes out on top as she hits Nevaeh with a Road To Vahallah picking up the win.

After the match ends, Tasha Steelz and Kiera Hogan ambushes the winners, and the two escape before Jessicka Havok and Nevaeh intercede.

2. Tenille Dashwood vs. Jordynne Grace Singles Match

Winners – Jordynne Grace

Losers – Tenille Dashwood

Tenille Dashwood stretches on the ropes before going to kick at Jordynne Grace, but Grace catches the leg and soon looks for a Grace Driver but no dice. Instead, Grace shoulder tackles her foe down before bodyslamming and sentoning her for a two count. Grace keeps control and drags Tenille to the corner for some shoulder thrusts. She takes her to the adjacent corner and stomps Tenille down. A hard chop before she sends her into the opposite corner hard. Kaleb checks on Tenille and this allows Tenille to deliver a neck breaker over the second rope as we head into the break.

Back from the break, Tenille is still in control with some dirty tactics, including pulling the hair of Jordynne Grace. Grace soon catches Tenille with roll-up worthy of a two count, she pops up and kicks Grace hard. She puts her foot on Jordynne’s throat. Tenille attacks Grace in the corner with a kick and a chop. Snapmare, pin attempt, but only worth a dos. Grace gets a quick jab in and begins to take control with a running meteroa, followed by a rolling cannonball and then caps it off with a Vader Bomb for a near fall. She goes for another close win after a rock hard lariat.

Jordynne Grace goes back to the corner and gives Tenille Dashwood some hard arms. Jordynne jumps up on the second rope but Tenille turns the tide with a tree of woe. A running low crossbody. Two count and Kaleb starts complaining at ringside. Tenille goes for a spotlight kick and Grace catches her with an elbow. Kaleb quickly hops up on the apron to allow Tenille to flip for a pin attempt, but Grace catches her in a buzzkiller for the tap-out victory.

3. The Rascalz vs. The Good Brothers Tag Team Match

Winners – The Good Brothers

Losers – The Rascalz

Karl Anderson and Dezmond Xavier starts the bout. It’s Anderson who’s on offense with some hard shots before sending him into opposite corners. A boot gives Dezmond the chance to showcase his high-flying with a head-scissors and Wentz gets the tag. Gallows gets the tag too and it is some real big hits from The Big LG. A tag to Karl & The Rascalz double team Machine Gun. A boot to Dezmond gives Anderson a chance to tag in Gallows and it’s Dezmond who meets a massive lariat. Stalling suplex gives Gallows a chance to say “he needs a beer.” A tag soon comes Anderson’s way. Headlock keeps Dezmond down as they cut the ring off from Wentz. This goes on for several minutes as Gallows tries to make Dezmond fade with a sleeper.

Dezmond gets his shot with an elbow and a bulldog. Tag to Wentz and tag to Karl Anderson. It’s Wentz who comes in hot. He snapmares and boots Anderson down. Tags in Dezmond real quick for a backstabber meteroa double team. Kickout by Karl. They go for the Hot Fire Flame but Anderson gets his knees up. Dezmond stays on the attack and attempts to dive onto Gallows, but Gallows makes him pay and flings him back in the ring. Spinebuster by Anderson followed by a Magic Killer getting the all important win.

After the match, Karl Anderson calls out Motor City Machine Guns as Luke Gallows drinks a beer. Besides coming to IMPACT for a lot of money, they also have gold on the mind. Gallows says there is a target on their backs. The Good Brothers are going to put a bullet hole right on that target at Bound For Glory.

4. Johnny Swinger vs. Fallah Bahh (Winner becomes John E. Bravo’s Best Man)

Winner – Fallah Bahh

Loser – Johnny Swinger

Johnny Swinger takes some shots at Fallah Bahh, but it doesn’t phase the big man. That fires Fallah up and Johnny begs him off. Bahh goes off. Johnny later tries to show off his gun show, but Bahh bodyslams him down. Big leg drop, but Swinger kicks out. Swinger stomps on Cody Deaner’s hand and it distracts the ref. Swinger grabs Crazzy Steve’s monkey and hits Fallah with it to get the three count. The ref declares Swinger the victor, but Bravo butts in to tell him the misuse of the monkey and demands a restart. The ref obliges. Fallah Bahh knocks Johnny down and lands on him with a Banzai Drop for the three count win.

5. The North vs. Ace Austin & Madman Fulton Tag Team Match

Winners – The North

Losers – Ace Austin & Madman Fulton

In the final moments of this match, Madman Fulton picks Page up from his face and Alexander makes the save. They manage to double clothesline Fulton out of the ring and it’s Page sending his partner to the legs of Fulton to eliminate him from the equation. The North take it to Ace Austin and then launch him into a double team Alabama Slammer for the hard-fought win.

Blood is pouring from the mouth of Josh Alexander as the two celebrate their win. The Good Brothers come out as they talk trash to The North. They face off one another in the middle of the ring and in from behind comes Ace and Fulton attacking Gallows and Anderson. In come Motor City Machine Guns and it’s complete chaos as all men were brawling with one another as the show went off the air.

Impact Wrestling 30 September 2020 All Segments Updates

1. Backstage, The Good Brothers share a story with security about a Japanese karaoke bar as The Motor City Machine Guns enters the picture. The tension heightens as Gallows says that Alex Shelley was Machine Gun’s young boy in Japan. Sabin and Shelley say if Gallows and Anderson focused on wrestling in the ring rather than telling such swell stories, maybe they’d earn themselves a tag title shot. The champs walk off as Anderson uses an infamous line from Scott Hall to The Dudleys (with spooky fingers and all).

2. Deonna Purrazzo tells Gina that Kylie Rae is so misguided that all her positivity is going to do her any good in the ring. She said at Bound For Glory, she’s going to break Kylie’s arm. Not so fast as Gina reveals that she’ll be defending her Knockouts Title against Susie this Saturday at Victory Road.

3. Kaleb With A K introduces Tenille Dashwood to the IMPACT Zone.

4. Moose was searching for EC3 and a personnel member directs him to a door. Moose can’t believe EC3 has his own dressing room and charges in. He grabs hold of a hooded man thinking it’s EC3, but it’s just an employee who feels compelled to go to HR. He sees EC3 on the wall who tells him he failed. But it’s okay when you fail, you grow. EC3 vows that next week, he’s going to set the TNA World Title on fire.

5. We got an update on the Rich Swann’s recovery. The doctor says that Swann is ready to go and the two share a fist bump.

6. Heath Slater and Rhino meets up outside of the arena. They talk about the success of the #HeathForIMPACT campaign and word is that management might want to speak to him. Suddenly, here comes Reno Scum to attack the two buds. They take the wad of cash Heath was holding and toss it to Hernandez as we head into the break.

7. Back from the commercial break, Rhino was with Scott D’Amore. He begs Scott to give them a match against Reno Scum. Scott gets overwhelmed, but eventually okays him and Heath for an unsanctioned bout at this Saturday’s Victory Road.

8. Brian Myers and Tommy Dreamer stare down one another in the hallway. Myers told Dreamer next time he saw him there to go the other way. He takes a swing at the extreme original who catches Myers’ arm and grabs Brian by the throat. Myers begs him to be professional and Dreamer challenges him to Victory Road.

9. Kaleb checks on Tenille Dashwood’s neck backstage as they walk into Jordynne Grace. Kaleb tries to fix matters by challenging Jordynne once more to another bout with Tenille at Victory Road. She’s game for it, but Tenille doesn’t seem to agree with Kaleb’s call to action.

10. Gina was backstage with X-Division Champ, Rohit Raju. She mentions that his win against Trey Miguel was cheap. He says talent doesn’t stay mindful of working smart, not hard. He then announces that at Victory Road he’s beginning the “Defeat Rohit” challenge. Even Gina qualifies. Enter TJP into the picture. He would like the opportunity. Rohit says it could be you because it can’t be him, Chris Bey or Trey. They all had their shot.

11. John E. Bravo tells Johnny Swinger and Fallah Bahh that he actually doesn’t care who his best man is, but thinks that referee stinks (he happens to be right there). Bahh still rubs in the victory to Swinger.

12. Eddie Edwards comes to the ring. He mentions he was jumped from behind as the lights went out last week. He knows that it was Eric Young and tells him to come out so he can beat his ass. The lights do go out and there is sitting Sami Callihan on the entryway. Eddie isn’t shocked that the attacker was him, but Sami says it wasn’t him. Eddie still wants to kick his ass. Sami, however, shows Eddie who did attack him last week. Sure enough, the lights go out again. Once they come back on, who is standing behind Eddie but Ken Shamrock. He side kicks Eddie in the head. He yells at Eddie to get out of his way before screaming maniacally. He locks the former champ in the Ankle Lock as Sami taunts him from the outside. Eddie’s ankle is in rough shape as Josh Matthews questions how he will be for his World Title shot at Bound For Glory.

13. Camera cuts to Eric Young. He says despite Ken Shamrock’s attack, it’s gonna be him and Eddie at Victory Road. He then directs his attention to “the other cripple” Rich Swann. He reminds Swann what happens to him his on him and Scott D’Amore.

14. Susie was shown in the dressing room. In comes in Kylie Rae who asks if Susie is excited for Victory Road. Susie asks if she’d be upset if she won the IMPACT Knockout Title. Kylie says not at all and she’d love to face her best friend for the Championship. Kylie then gifts her some kickpads, but Susie seems to have a few Su Young screws loose.

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