Kundali Bhagya Episode 28 April 2021 Written – Karan saves Srishti from getting arrested

Karan is funny way jokes about Kareena and Preeta’s reunion calling it Bharat milap. He tells Preeta to take care of herself and informs her that she can sleep in his bed after her return to the house and leaves from there.

In Ruchika’s house, Srishti says to Ruchika that truth will come out one day definitely and asks her to not complicate the issue and pleads her to tell the truth. Sameer informs Ruchika that Police arrested Preeta in Akshay’s murder case and if she tells the truth then it will be helpful for them. Ruchika says to him that Preeta would have murdered Akshay. Srishti loses her control and says to Ruchika that Preeta didn’t murder Akshay and Preeta is behind the bars because Police suspects her sister that’s it.

Ruchika says to them that she don’t want to talk to them and she really doesn’t know anything, in fact she didn’t even went to meet Akshay in his hotel room. Srishti asks her that how she knows that Akshay stayed in the hotel that day. Ruchika says to her that she read everything in the newspaper. And she threatens to write in her social media that they are harassing her and she will drag Karan too in the mess.

Janki gets surprised seeing Karan in Arora house. Karan takes Sarla and Janki’s blessings. Sarla says to him that she knows that he loves Preeta so much but he never shows that and even Preeta knows that he loves her and cares about her. He agrees with her saying that Preeta is really smart. Then he assures her saying that he is standing by Preeta’s side so Sarla need not to worry and he promises to her saying that he won’t let anything happen to Preeta and they will party together soon.

Ruchika informs Srishti and Sameer that Police may come anytime. Srishti message Karan and informs him about Ruchika and her threat. Police inspector comes there. Sameer says to Police inspector that they knows each other really well. Ruchika tells Police inspector that Sameer lying and she badmouth about Preeta. Srishti tries to attack Ruchika. Sameer stops her saying that Ruchika provoking her. Police inspector asks Constable to arrest Srishti. Karan comes there and says to Police inspector that Ruchika threatened them because he is celebrity and he even has her recording. Ruchika confesses the truth and apologize to Karan. Police inspector warns Ruchika and leaves from there.

Prithvi helps Mahira to fix her car tyre. She asks him that when he will finish it. He gets irritated hearing her and says to her that he is helping her because she helped him last time and moreover he is not an puncture guy to tell the exact time. She thanks him and leaves from there.

Sameer learns that Srishti messaged Karan about Ruchika and praises her. Srishti informs Karan about Ruchika and Megha’s fight. Mahesh takes Karan from there to discuss about Preeta’s case. Srishti and Sameer leaves to see the Blackmailer. Prithvi’s car breaks down on the way and he gets pissed off.

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