Sasural Simar Ka Season 2 Episode 28 April 2021 Written – Simar visits Taj Mahal with Reema

Aarav tells Simar about the type of girl he wants to marry. Simar smiles looking at both Aarav and Vivan. Later, Vivan goes to meet Badi Maa.

Roma calls Indu, while she ask if she is still upset with Reema? To which Roma says that she is upset but will surely fix Reema’s marriage anyhow. Indu gets happy. Roma hears her mother-in-law’s voice and goes to see the drama.

Shobha shows her anger towards her family members and says that they prefer Simar over her. She expresses her disappointment, while her husband tries to comfort her. Badi Maa calls Manoj and invites them for the function.

Reema takes Simar to the Taj Mahal where photoshoot was happening. She sees the international photographer for whom she have came and purposely ask Simar to click her pictures in front of the photographer. She tries to seek the photographers attention, while he gets annoyed and ask his assistant to move them away. Simar apologises to him and gets aside along with Reema, but Reema again comes back and starts clicking pictures in different poses.

The photographer gets angry and goes towards them. He ask them to get aside, but Reema faces him fiercely. He tries to scare them, whereas Simar gets nervous. Reema faces him boldly and apprises him about participating in beauty contest. He mocks her and says that she can never win the show. He reveals that he is a professional photographer of beauty pageant. She gets stunned and ask him to make her portfolio. He demands for 1 lakh rupees. She convinces him with 50,000 rupees. She gives him her number, while Simar tries to stop Reema but she pays no heed to her sister.

Vivan and Aarav comes to visit Taj Mahal. Vivian talks about love, while Aarav says that he have never fallen in love. Reema asks Simar if she have never fallen in love? To which Simar replies negatively. Reema ask what Simar wants from her life? To which she says that she only loves her music and haven’t thought about anything else. Reema assures Simar that soon she will get her love. Simar gets shocked seeing the time and reminds Reema about their father. They runs away but Simar’s dupatta flies away. She runs to catch it.

The dupatta falls upon Aarav’s face and then again flies away. He runs to catch it while Vivan runs behind him. He picks the dupatta and puts it inside his pocket. Simar keeps searching for her dupatta, whereas Reema comes there and takes her away. Simar says that the dupatta was a gift from her mother, while Simar reminds him about their father and takes her home forcefully.

Simar and Reema reaches home. Simar says that she won’t go along with Reema in any of her adventure. Reema wears western dresses and gets excited to shoot with the photographer Divesh.

Further, Indu opens the door as Avinash comes home. She gets worried seeing him in bad mood. At that time Divesh’s phone comes on his number. He gets furious and confronts Reema about it. Simar and Reema gets dumbstruck, but suddenly Reema lied that the call is for Simar. Simar gets stunned and gulps in fear.

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